Nocturnal Creatures?


Hey I noticed yesterday but only getting round to checking in with you guys now…

One of the side missions I got from a guild was about scanning rare creatures.

In the flavor for the mission description it said “some creatures appear at night” or something to that effect…

Now, is this just flavour? Or is it true? Has this always been a thing? Or is it new?!

Cos it might explain those awful experiences we’ve all had where after hours of searching in the past 12 months, we just couldnt find that one elusive creature on a planet.

If anybody knows anything let me know, or let the mystery and confusion perpetuate :slight_smile:


I did read that time of day affects which critters you see. I know when I was gathering coprite, I fed a whole herd and followed them around and at sundown they all went to sleep. So it would make sense there are nocturnal creatures


I’m pretty sure it’s always been that way. Some have even said that certain creatures only appear near structures or during storms.

What I’d like to know is if these requirements ever overlap.


That’s cool find! I haven’t observed that sort of behavior before; was that before or after the 1.3-ening?


After… :slight_smile:


Yes, I have actually believed since 1.0 that some (especially solitary creatures/hunters) tend to show up at night. Either only at night or more often I’m not sure. Likewise, herds of certain smaller creatures tend to become more scarce. Whether that is objectivity or not, I’m not sure.

As for the elusive “last” creature… well… I’ve also suspected that some planets are just slightly bugged with water creatures spawning under the surface. Usually when I can’t find a last creature, it’s on planets without any (obvious) water. Then again, my old clunker of a PC doesn’t have much drawing distance either, so it could just as well be birds or almost any random creature. But I did always find it odd that it’s just 1 you can’t find, even after literally hours of looking for them.


I had a pair of animals I couldn’t find. Turned out one was a rare bird and one was almost impossible to find because it spawned so infrequently.


I was collecting Spadonium on a hot planet (120F during the day, 85F @ night and 200F during storms), There was an aggressive creature that stalked me during the day(attacked by 1 every few minutes) but it’s numbers seemed to triple at night(seemed to attack in packs of 2 or 3) .


A lot of flying creatures are only around during the day, and I swear I’ve finally caught that one remaining fauna that eluded me forever at night. I feel like that was before 1.3 happened, but I may be wrong. It’s possible I’m already not able to remember a time before 1.3.


I’ve been pack hunted by 3 or 4 nasties at night as well. Gets scary in the dark when you don’t put your torch on.


I have been quite depressed after not find the last animal… i have to have a talk with myself to Calm Down! Sometimes life dosn’t deliver… cold fact …


…and I have had the experience several times when I have found an animal… scanned it but it doesn’t show on the list… I checked the names and It They were not variations of already found animals… so maybe there were probs …this was in the previous version… hope it doesn’t happen now.


Don’t be disheartened @Linshell, I too experienced these issues and it can be frustrating. In 1.3, so far, I have 5 planets at 100%. I did have one with 13 where I only found 12… I searched for a decent amount of time just to give it a chance. After a while, I heard other parts of the galaxy calling to me…so I bit the bullet and moved on. I wont lose any sleep over it. The fact is, the 5 planets I did succeed in was just randomly scanned while gathering resources… IE not putting much work into it. With the improved scanner, I’m always scanning everything (for the discovery $ and looking for bonus elements) anyway.


With the UI change its become a bit frustrating. The old creature listing tricks don’t work anymore. It used to be based on the species list “???” Arrangement you could make a guess whether the species you were missing were flying, cave, etc. But without the blanks to fill in there’s no longer any hints. I only have one 100% so far in 1.3, and it took ab hour or two of just chasing down white dots until I found the last species. I’m thinking moons may be the best method for 100%. Less area may mean higher population density for those really rare creatures.


@Epitaph, thanks, I am getting in touch with my Zen side now… hadn’t realized before how obsessive i was really … so now will create a new approach to go with this new update…live and learn…thanks again,


Well, resetting the simulation does wipe our memories? Whats a “before 1.3”? Is it edible?


Is it just me or does night bring with it actual darkness now (i meant to check if i maybe had accidentally changed settings on my tv and crushed my blacks) ? You need a torch now when digging tunnels (and it still wont turn on during the day :frowning: )


Yeah when I first noticed this I was like, dang figuring out which animal is the last is gonna be hard.

Though there have been times were I’m convinced the last one is a flyer/fish (having only found one flyer or fish etc etc) and it turns out there was a rare chance of water with one fish in it or it was a cave dwelling creature in a planet with no surface entries to caves XD


Yep, it gets really dark now sometimes. Nothing to do with your tv.


If you look at the top of the animal,plants,places list on the right in discoveries … once you have found one creature then a number / number shows up so it looks like this … 1/12 … that gives you the chance to know how many stil to find, just in animals not the others…
hope this helps…


Thanks, yeah I did notice that! They used to be listed in a very specific order, from top to bottom on the old lists. Like if you had a block of 8 species, the top 4 may be land creatures, then air creatures, etc. So you could always get a sense of what the missing creatures may be based on the first few that you found. It made it easier to get those last few hard-to-find species on a planet, helped limit the search a bit. Made it a lot easier to get the “all creatures found on a planet” milestones!


A nice expensive end game scanner upgrade would be nice, that would point you towards the location of those last few creatures now that they’ve removed the old method of process of elimination.