The Last Creature (Again)

When NMS first released, many people reported great difficulty completing the Zoology milestones. They couldn’t find the last creature they needed.

Over time and many patches, either the situation improved (or maybe the players just got better). Whatever happened, reports of difficulties dwindled, then stopped.

Since Beyond, however, for me, at least, the problem is back with a vengeance. There are now 43 planets where I have found all but the last creature - so I have 5 of 6, or 10 of 11, and so on. In some cases I have spent hours searching, without success.

And on how many planets have I found all the creatures? One. One lousy planet, in 170 hours of play,

I’ve tried all the obvious strategies - looking on high ground, low ground, in caves, underwater, in the air, walking long distances, leaving the system and coming back. Nothing seems to make a difference.

I’m getting a bit frustrated with it.

What have your experiences been so far?


Hey Polyphemus, if you check the discovery list it now tells you where the last creature may be hiding via base, cave or underwater (base being surface or flying creatures), I’ve found this to be quite helpful in finding the last creature now. I feel this is something you already know and I’m telling you nothing new but I thought I should mention it in the tiny chance you hadn’t noticed this yet

this part made it seem like maybe you hadn’t so apologies if I’m of no aid here and you already know of this.

Remember the good old days of “well I’ve two creatures left and there’s water… and no fliers and fish discovered so the last two MUST be either/or”

Two hours later
Heeere fishy fishy fishy. Heeere f- what’s that? Did a dog just run out of that cave system? …oh ffs.


Like @toddumptious mentioned, use the new data. However, I too have had a difficult time with the last creature.
Crabs are especially difficult. They will crawl onto land from the sea, or at least they should. Often they just disappear into the landscape. This leads to the red dots that pop in and out.
The crab info may state that they are Base or Underwater. So, when having trouble finding that last critter, I spend time looking for red dots near the shore. They will often show when above water then disappear as I submerge and vise versa. This means having to get a visual on the crab then scanning it.
It is a bit of a challenge.
The other problem can be with cave dwellers. I have found that they generate slowly. I have to slow down in caves. Listen. Because you will often hear them before you see them.
Hope that helps.


I’ve seen this same issue with finding game critters. It can be frustrating.

I get a bit obsessive about finding all fauna on a planet. I really don’t like leaving without finding them all. Class A personality, I guess. :grinning:


I’ve had varying success. I’m up to 100% on 6 or 7 planets since Beyond but a few I spent a fair amount of time looking for the last creature and finally gave up.

And wait, there are creatures in caves again? I haven’t seen anything in a cave for eons.


I can not under any circumstances, leave just 1 creature undiscovered. It would likely keep me up at night. :crazy_face: :laughing:

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I found to get the fauna milestone, you can just go to exotic planets, since there’s only 1 fauna to be found. I search other planets too, but that did help a lot. :grinning:

Sometimes I feel that on “fauna: sparse” planets, the rare / uncommon and normal got switched.


What is the difference between rare and uncommon?


Good question. You would think rare would mean less common than uncommon. However, I found a whole heard of rare creatures. They did seem to be in one small area. I did not encounter them in any other place.


Q - What’s the difference between illegal and unlawful?

A = Unlawful is against the law. Illegal is a sick bird.


@Polyphemus Very punny

@Starzia In practical terms, one mission task is to find x number of rare fauna. Literally, rare should be less frequent than uncommon.


Unless they want them for a cooking experiment: medium rare; rare; still screaming. :sweat_smile: