Final Species By Another Player


Thanks to the microsoft indentured servant forced beta testing of home users/slaves in order to protect Enterprise users from faulty updates or changes, I had no option but to restore a previous system image as all other recovery methods and repairs failed. I didn’t lose any data except that only after it was too late did I remember that my last external back up of No Man’s Sky saves was weeks ago. To return to a location closer to the galaxy center I used the portal – base relocation method.

Within a few seconds of coming out of the portal I was assaulted by one of the ubiquitous butt-head spider crabs and I noted that this was one of the last two species undiscovered by the planet/system discoverer and this was immediately followed by the last species flying into the view of my visor.

Everyone will have their own and unique version of the required protocol in such a situation that supposedly is nearly universally accepted by everyone else on planet earth follows but this is what I did:

  • Not knowing if the planet discoverer and base owner is even still playing or playing the same mode I chose to assist that player by uploading these two species but would not upload the 100 % completion of fauna discovery.

  • Although I am not interested in any form of multiplayer, etc., I relented in this case and left a brief note for the original discoverer (user name “blackiris”). The risk is that anyone else coming to this planet may steal credit by uploading the 100% completion. I am not aware if there is anything blocking a player that did not discover any species from claiming the credit for 100% completion although it seems that this should be checked by the upload module to prevent this from happening.

Not sure if this is even worthy of response but wondered if maybe there should be a thread with more formally approved behaviors but judging by the great variations in what others have reported to be the greatest
and most universally accepted plant/system naming conventions it might also be a waste of time. The problem is that this would also require some cooperative methodology to approve suggestions instead of individual players from adding their own ideas to the list and it may not be worth the effort.


Your issue has been noted and has been sent to HG.
I do not know if they are going to address said issue in further updates.
Once one player finds and uploads creature data but does not complete the data
no other player whom also up loads from same planet creatures not yet discovered ,
therefore no one get the units for completion.


Not a problem! I don’t mind not getting the 100%. I already have 77 planets @ 100%. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the crops!



Thank You for the response and equally to zsigmond.

I am quite surprised that my missive not only reached the correct person but in such a short period. The information provided by you about the crops and indicating the message about requiring GrowMoar for Atlas Rising confirms that I did reach the correct person. Should you be in the neighborhood of your base in the near future I would greatly appreciate it if you would claim the 100% complete. Prior to the update failure by microsoft I had completed 100% on 220 or 230 planets and am now back to my mid-December total of 193 and definitely do not need the extra cash unless they allow conversion of their cash into bitcoin or similar.

Here’s to hoping for a fun new Waking Titan investigation and subsequent new content! I need to get back to work to again find the final missing blueprints/recipes before those happen and only a week earlier I had just found the final missing blaze javelin blueprint to fill in all of my Guide to completion except for the dozen or so craftables that no longer or never exist(ed). Not that I would bother with a blaze javelin but just for the completion.


Best killing weapon against sentinels , tis the main weapon i have on my rifle along with grenades.


Getting 100% is not possible now on the planet. We both have incomplete discovery lists.


Thank You for the information and replies.

Using your post as indicator that you could not upload I went back to that planet in my Discoveries tab and tested uploading 100% completion and it credited me. Apparently the software does limit who can upload 100% completion to the player discovering the final species.

Elsewhere I had read a mix of claims about people claiming 100% completion under various circumstances where the discoverer of most, even all, species on the planet had either not discovered all species or had forgotten to upload the 100% completion but someone came later and did so. That was the reason why I wasted everyone’s time with the question as I do not want to steal credit or work from someone else.

In the future I will revert back to my original practice of not uploading anything found on a planet discovered by someone else. I usually skip those altogether but sometimes the FedEx delivery missions send us to a system/planet that someone else has already discovered.


Thank You for the information and replies.

Am not trying to argue as everyone will develop their own preferences but I still prefer my original Plasma Launcher and have even had to remove some upgrades not only to free space for scanner type upgrades but also because I can even go toe-to-toe with the large sentinel packs surrounding Operations Centres during the level 8 data harvesting missions (think that we go to level 5 sentinels with 4 Drones, 2 Quadrupeds and 2 Bipedal Walkers).

I waited a long while (maybe 45 to 60 days) after 1.2 came out before allowing my system to update to that release as I wanted to build up a large amount of cash using the original stacking exploit before being in a situation to make some major purchases. As luck would have it, after updating to 1.2 I almost immediately ran into an S Class rifle with 24 slots and large bonuses (think like +113%, +147% and +133% in the respective categories). For a little while after getting this multi-tool I kept checking to see if I might encounter an Alien or Experimental version but never found anything with maximum slots so haven’t looked at these in months.


have you found the Omega ranking for Boltcaster?


IMO it was not a waste of time. Genuine question which actually got results.


Once but with the microsoft caused system crash will have to get that again. Actually will have to refind that plus the final two for pulse splitter and about 9 to 12 blueprints and raw materials including the Freighter Warp Reactor (have all of the upgrades and remember that this was the last of the freighter stuff that I encountered). None of these are big deals, just annoyances as I had gone a week or two past when I should have manually backed up the saves and I do not like having the saves stored online so I disabled that as soon as I found that GOG had enabled that.


Thanks. I was just trying to pretend that I can occasionally fake being humble. The built-in Guide doesn’t have this level of detail so all that we can do is to “just wing that baby” instead of following the rule book or script.


yes, tis the problem of backups, had a save almost a week behind I had to go to. Tis the worst for me, since I move very rapidly through the dimensions i.e… galaxies.


You were lucky @ChewyWeAreNotHome because The PuppetMaster has totally messed up my system. Restore will not work as Creator’s Update, forced upon me without my knowledge (left the computer on overnight for virus scanning), has deleted all my previous restore points. My only option is now to do a Full Clean Install.

I tried downloading via Powershell>>DISM feature, command-line updates, etc. Nothing works.

Dreading the Clean Install…