Game Lost some of my Discoveries

I noticed this today when I visited my first base to talk to the plant guy there, and as I was scanning saw an Unknown building. Strange because I’d already scoured the place.

I went there and it behaved as though I’d never been there, and as I checked my visor I saw plants and minerals that I know I already scanned. So I opened up discoveries.

I found that everything was not only reset to zero, but my planet had been claimed by another player! MY planet! MINE! :slightly_smiling_face:

I started going through my discoveries and indeed there were more planets that had lost my discoveries. At least one planet more where I had a nice base.

I checked my Miles tones and they are all at 10 where they should be. Good.

But I’m unhappy about this. :cry:


Each major update, I find most of my visited planets end up ‘reset’, with my discoveries often vanishing or reducing. The milestones remain untouched but the records of the creatures & plants I’ve found are often disrupted.
Fortunately, I’m no longer as dedicated as some & I rarely aim to fully scan any world and typically just scan a few samples. I developed this attitude a long, long time aga when I realised that updates often scrapped the archives, reducing hours of work into digital dust. Now I just scan as required or out of curiosity. The longer I’m there & the more I like it, the more I may scan.

Pity about your world claim. I’ve had that too but again it doesn’t bother me too much. For all I know I’ve done it to others without realising when I’ve gone back through my Discoveries uploading backlogged finds.


In addition to the above, with each big update, I find 1 planet in my home system will revert back to it’s original name and each planet in the system will have 1 flora and 1 fauna that I had previously scanned, erased from the discovery menu. As for waypoints on the planets, it used to be that, over time, they would begin to ‘unregister’ themselves and act like they were undiscovered. Have not seen this happen in a long time.


During the Next update, I was able to retrace my steps from the center of the galaxy back to my original planet on which I spawned, and found the crash site with the red orb from my day 1 start (before there were even modes.)

I placed a base at this location as a monument. With the Beyond update, someone entered my system randomly and uploaded this planet as their discovery somehow.

I understand your disappointment. I hope that with another large update, we will be able to reclaim these important planets.


Yes, that would be lovely. I appreciate your first-hand understanding of the feelings and sensibilities involved. :hugs:

To some this is just another game, although an amazing experience. To others it provides worlds of beauty, poignancy, and accomplishment (among other things) that can be found no where else.

We love it, are in love with it, in spite of its issues its bugs, and the often times apparently incomprehensible decisions and communication skills of its developers.

I admire this so much! :heart: