Is GOG Blocked From All Discovery Server Connections?

There are numerous posts here and elsewhere about difficulties with having lost connection to online services but most users seem to be able to obtain fleeting connections. As a GOG purchaser I have found that the lost connection is permanent as of the time of the partial release (for GOG users) to Next and even open the game several times over last two days just to check the status.

My question is for other GOG users – have you been able to obtain even the fleeting connections to the online services for discoveries?

While the local game copy seems to grant the uploads this is a great annoyance for me because of two things that I have found:

  1. Pre-next update if I had connection to online services and made an upload of any type of pending discoveries the likelihood of an undiscovered fauna species appearing is vastly increased whereas the opposite is the case with connections lost. This was one of the key tricks that I used to greatly increase my rate of 100% completion of fauna discovery.

  2. Since the start they have been problems with credit for discoveries disappearing days after the discovery was uploaded. The worst individual case that I noted was that despite having 100% discovery still listed, one species had gone from reported to not having been reported. While I know that there must be times when I forget to make a final upload when exiting a planet the number of discoveries that have later been removed is too great for that to be my error. The first time that I went back and checked this there were over 150,000 units of discoveries that had to be re-credited. I try to remember to go back to check for this every couple of weeks but without access the the discovery servers I cannot go back very far to re-claim the deleted discoveries.

I do not want to make this a whining and crying topic but simply would like to know the experiences of other GOG users as GOG support could not answer this question and I have also noted a new tone in some of the posts announcing updates. The posts on Twitter announcing these releases are now acknowledging Xbox and PS specifically but also use “main PC” which obviously is Steam since GOG users are still waiting for the full version of Atlas Rising let alone a full version of Next.

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@ChewyWeAreNotHome: I have changed the category for your topic, adding it to NMS - Bugs & Issues to give it more weight. I do however believe that Hello Games are working on getting the online part sorted with GOG, which includes Multiplayer.

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I am also a GoG player and am no longer able to connect to online services. Other than the GoG Release Notes I have been unable to find any other information. That being said, it appears we are waiting for HG and GoG to sort out the DRM Free multiplayer issue. As stated, sometime later this year.

Ditto. Tried to upload discoveries and nothing happened. So…yeah, have to wait for a GoG-Hello Games hybrid before it will work. I suspect that it will be added when Multiplayer is added…so expect the end of the year.

In the Meantime, REPORT IT AS A BUG…because it just may be a bug…to Hello Games! If we don’t say anything, it won’t be known!

Bug Reporting link =


Yea i cant upload discoveries either keep saying connection to server is not there

I am on PS4 and it almost always says I have lost connection with online discovery services. I think the discovery servers are all VERY BUGGED and in great need of maintenance. They may not be able to do that though without wiping all discoveries, but the launch of NEXT would have been a good time to do that (this issue was happening before NEXT).


PC and it is very rare it shows I have connection. I am able to multi-play with my son and his friends.


But are you using the main PC which apparently is Steam or GOG? Am trying to determine if GOG users have had any success, however fleeting, or if this is related to GOG not having all features available going back to August 11, 2017.

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Thank You.

In February 2017 I first submitted a bug report for the credit disappearing for discoveries being uploaded and in March 2017 submitted an additional bug report to both Hello Games and also to GOG about new problems and issues with blocked access to servers. This led to a series of ineffective replies from GOG but otherwise no response and obviously the bugs not only continue but worsen.

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Just want to say, ON NEXT EVE – and since I’d been “away from” NMS for awhile – I specifically went to get ATLAS RISES, via my GOG account (I do not have GOG Galaxy installed, but have now downloaded it).

The version number given was 1.38, so I believe that THAT was proper / full Atlas Rises, no?

Here are the files I downloaded:

patch_no_mans_sky_1.37_(14918)_ to_1.381_(15370).exe – I found its presence ODD, but got it anyway

patch_no_mans_sky_pre-order_dlc_1.37_(14918)_ to_1.381_(15370).exe

… cuz I’d never yet claimed my free upgraded starter fighter in my earlier game.
(Again, 1.37-1.38 patch odd, if downloading 1.38, but took file anyway, to make sure I have it.)

NOTE BUILD NUMBERS: 14918 (1.37) and 15370 (1.38)

@ChewyWeAreNotHome, do you WANT any of these files?? (Even though we’re now into NEXT instead?)
Message me, if so…

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I greatly appreciate the response and your offer but have am also still on 1.38 because I always wait until most of the major bugs appear to have been fixed and this typically takes a week or two. I also try to maintain a backup of the manual installation files from GOG for each and every patch although I did have a system crash and lost all of my 1.3 files except those that I subsequently re-captured for 1.38.

To answer your question - the August 11, 2017 announcement of the release of Atlas Rising contained the following statement “Joint exploration has been introduced allowing 16 players to see visual representations of each other in game. Joint exploration does not require PS Plus, and is not currently available on GOG Galaxy.” Joint exploration was never available to GOG players. This is the reason for my reference to “partial release.”

Ah, cool.

Re Files:

I still have Vanilla 1.0x . . . (and some relevant working MODs)

Re “partial”:
Thank you; I “get it” now…
I’d read somewhere that “GOG Galaxy was required” in order to even have any MP; so withOUT G/G, a GOG NMS purchaser would “never” be able to try MP…
… and now, to see that - even WITH G/G - MP is still not available… that’s disappointing… :frowning:

Curious that you call it “Atlas Rising”…

Seems (web search) MANY people call it “Atlas Rising”… so it’s a “common error”…

I found a book under that name… :nerd_face: :sunglasses:

… but HG’s official website’s page for it comes under the actual “Atlas Rises” proper title. :slight_smile: :+1:

Just a curiosity, for me… :smiley:

I haven’t read through everyone’s comments on the topic but if GOG is doing what all the other Game Sellers have to do then most likely playing on GOG’s Servers will be akin to a PC player being on PC only for discoveries . It is also possible that you would only be able to see discoveries on GOG from other GOG players. Teaming up might be the same way.

I’ve always thought that Hello Games developed a way to take advantage of Free Services by encoding the Discoveries and Base Sharing into the Services that sell the game. Steam, PSN and Xbox Live all offer Achievements (Discoveries). Also Some form of Connectivity or friends list with full communication, file transfer capabilities, Streaming of game play, and match making.

Hello Games found a brilliant way to make the game work as an online game even though they owned really no servers. Of course this is all Speculation till HG gives us a Documentary Video on how they accomplished NMS(which I would love to watch)

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**WARNING: There is a large image in this message that shows what steps I suggest anyone with a Galaxy Client (GoG version) of the game…to do to help them keep their game updated!

If you log into the Galaxy Client, here are some steps BEFORE you go looking at the games you’ve installed from GoG:

  • Click the gog com round emblem at the top left of the screen in the Galaxy Client
  • Click Settings.
  • In the General section, Click the Launch GoG Galaxy at system startup box to UnCheck it.
  • In the Features section, Click the Auto-update games box to UnCheck it. By not allowing Galaxy to auto-update, it reveals THE MOST RECENT -5- UPDATES for the game in a listing…from which you can choose individually to update one at a time.
  • In your Games list on the Left Side, Click the No Man’s Sky game that is listed.
  • Click the More button.
  • Click the Settings option.
  • In the Override Features section, you will notice all the Updates listed. Choose each one, in order going up the list, that you need to update your game to the current version.

I hope this helps!

MODS: If you want to sticky this message, you have my permission!



Impressive! :smiley:

Most impressive… :sunglasses: :+1:

Thank you, @Dolnor !

re OP / Topic:

Until further notice (from HG and/or GOG), it’s looking like Multiplayer (etc) features are Limited or Unavailable (and most certainly so, for GOG version owners who DO NOT have the (100% Optional) Galaxy client installed.

“For a small, independent studio, developing the [Multiplayer] feature across multiple platforms is a hugely ambitious and technical challenge which resulted in this delayed release,” the statement reads. “Hello Games is however joining forces with GOG.COM to introduce full multiplayer via the GOG Galaxy platform. We appreciate your immense support and patience.”

“The multiplayer component will not be ready at launch; we expect it to be released later this year as full multiplayer parity remains in the pipeline,” reads a message posted to GOG from developer Hello Games.

What makes this worse is that I had the Atlas Rises release announcement open in another browser at the time of posting this. I had caught myself using “Atlas” and decided that I probably should use a more complete title but for whatever reason I latched onto “Rising.” Now that this is pointed out I can just claim that I used the wrong word which proves that I believe that game developers did interfere with our gaming after all.

Actually I think that you should have started this post with words like “Hey Stupid” because I had intentionally looked at the announcement page.

Well, @ChewyWeAreNotHome,
You know what Mama always says …
(about the topic of NMS Server connectivity being unavailable to GOG users … so far) . . .

“Stupid Is as Stupid Does”

So I tend to the practise of never calling anyone “stupid”. :wink:
(Cuz sometimes, we just dunno if they could use a hand up, y’know?)
((… and I’d rather be one who Helps, than one who’s hurtful / insulting…))
… cuz MAH Mama borned me dis way. :nerd_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :+1:

Honestly, though, I was just curious how these things happen, sometimes…! :open_mouth:

Like, I keep catching myself typing out the full word “Atlast” whenever I try to type the phrase “Atlas Rises” – I specifically had to s-l-o-w _ d-o-w-n, there, to make sure I typed it right, for this example. Couldna tell ya why my fast-typing fingers end up tackin’ on an extra T at the end there so often . . . . . :thinking: :laughing:

Still, . .

I’m looking forward to GOG working it out with Hello Games, so us GOG-accounts can give the MultiPlayer side a good try…

I hope it won’t be TOOOOO much later in the year…!!
:v: :sunglasses: :+1:

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