S Class Megathread


Eh, the link should show a tease as well. Here ya go:

I’ll add the one thing I forgot right here:
Note: Phoenix One will be gaining all the freighter warp reactor tech in order to maximize jump range.



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We have a new topic for images and details of our beloved spacecraft. Check it out below:


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Do you happen to have coords for this beast? Thanks in advance!


Hey man,

Do you have coords for that Hauler? I’m over 300 jumps just looking for that slanted wing style, and haven’t found anything yet. Pretty sure I have seen every other ship style in the game.



I don’t I’m afraid. But I checked my Calypso system that had a white batwing and it doesn’t spawn there anymore. Its changed to some swan neck thing instead. So chances are the Euclid one has suffered a similar fate.


couldnt figure out the dm system, but would like the coords please! thanks in advance


i went here and only found a class A version :frowning:


Not surprised, this is a pre next thread. the comm ball I placed at the location is floating in space…


haha ohwell ill try find something else


can you remember what planet this is on as i can’t fnd it


As long as the signal booster co-ords from 6 months back are still valid & the ship appearances in each system haven’t been regenerated, any trading post in that system should work.

I don’t know if the Atlas Rises era ships are still available in the same systems they used to be.

Does anybody else reading know if PRE-NEXT ships still appear in the systems?


I’ve only checked in Calypso for ships. In the system I got my haulers the types had all changed, but In a nearby system where there was a yellow squid pre next, squid still spawned.


I have heard conflicting statements to that. It seems like some are still there - I checked out a few pre-next ship locations myself and the glyphs worked fine but the ships were not present. I have seen some find the same multitools in the same spots though so it may just be kinda random what ships are around still.


I think the yellow orb with flip lower wings that was in my system pre-NEXT is still there… as I’m fairly sure I noticed it circling my freighter.
As for other systems with ships we noted during Atlas Rises I simply don’t know.

Might be an interesting ‘mission’ to do the rounds & investigate the systems near me which had documented exotics & see what I find.


The old ships are mostly there in the same place. Some of them have ended up with different parts though. Sadly they will also be different colors now. Turns out there is a new setting in the save file to use the old color schemes for our existing ships in old saves, but other ships don’t generally do that. (It’s actually inconsistant with old saves if you encounter your current ship model in the world - sometimes they will use the same old colors, sometimes the new. I haven’t nailed down any reproducable pattern to the behavior.)


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What’s the system address if you don’t mind, that’s the exact color and scheme I’m hunting!