S Class Megathread


Hey guys I don’t normally do a tweet but I did a tweet! (am I saying that right?)

It’s an s class related gif I made for you all :slight_smile:

I’ll stick the gif in this post for those who’d rather avoid twitters and such

Waiting for that S-class you saw to come back :’(


I didn’t think shuttles came in this form. :stars:


I have seen 2 like it one in blue and white and one in red and white nice catch!

Never seen it in green.



I named the ship Blue Mourning - it’s my pirate hunter.



How many slots do you have on that one? looks great!

edit: the pirate hunter


That model of fighter(note the long wings reaching out to the nose specifically), will always cap at 38+12 slots at S-class…only fighters with those long wings can go above 30 slots.


Ol blue is a 38 S The exotic is a 19 - as I don’t use them as mains, and switch them out pretty frequently the slot count doesn’t matter to me for those.

The gray one is mine


As a general purpose ship I do like my exotics over fighters. The 1300+ light year range and having a fully upgraded phase beam is all I need at the moment. Although Next might make me change that opinion.



Another sweet exotic. My garage is full though


Any chance of a coordinate location for that last one…?


I will see if I can dig them out. I need to fly back to that system.



Yup. Me too. They make great all rounders.
Got 2, both set up as you described; with maxed out laser & shielding.
1 is full of exocraft makings, for general exploration & portal visits, while the other is usually empty for cargo. Both have the warp & pulse upgrades for economical region & system travels.

Will be interesting to see if any new starships come in NEXT.


I tend to grab things and sort through them later, so I need those extra slots. I do use one for fighting pirates in missions, and another is my black hole jumper.


I have a very similar setup, although I don’t store anything in them (think the 4 empty slots are full of tropheum atm) I keep everything for building exo’s and doing repair missions etc in the exosuit high cap and fuel stuff in the general one



Should I post an imgur album with my all s class fleet here? I dont have coords, although I might be able to get them. Also, @SingularGleam I believe you’ve already seen it.


Sure, give us a tease, and leave the link @StarGazer777