S Class Megathread


pssst! It’s called coprite!


I’ve been hunting for my favourite Calypso hauler in Euclid. After I guess about 80 warps hitting high end green economy, mainly Gek systems I haven’t come close. Has anyone nailed this type in Euclid?

Edit: Co-ords if you’re in Calypso and want one. (ps4 normal). At the space station its the last ship in on the first wave so you can get a lot of rolls for the s class


The waves are randomized so for someone else there may not be one in the first wave or they may have two or three in the first wave…and the class roll takes time…S is rare. Once a player pulls into that station they’ll likely have have hours and hours of waiting and checking every one of these until they roll an S class.


Thats not the case here. I have that hauler on 3 different games using the same method. It comes in the same position regardless


Reloading a save may have fixes your first wave depending on all the fixed variables in your placed save…the game isn’t totally random it will render the same things in the same place for the most part…but the wave that was scheduled to arrive at the time you saved won’t likely be the same for others…observing the waves change over the hours is pretty wild…sometimes you’ll get a bunch of a ship you want pull in quickly and other times you can spend half an hour and not see one. The class is never a guarantee as far as I can tell…that roll is always a wild independent one that could be anything at any time.


Warp back to your base, and then back again- it will be the same first wave. It is for me anyways.


Hmmm…wonder if this is intended…I heard of people doing this with exotics…it sounds like the game has a fixed rotational clock for the waves that starts when you warp into the system.


I’m not sure if it always worked this way, or if I never noticed until Atlas Rises.


I dont know what else to say, worked for me with 3 different psn accounts every single reload rendered one as the last ship ave 20 reloads to get an s, at a guess. I got lots of them…

Anyways if anyone see’s one let me know :slight_smile:


Yeah, I actually think you are right…leaving and returning to a system was just not a method I tried using in farming ships…based on what you guys are saying it sounds like the rotation of waves starts when we enter the system.


Here’s my puppy, 16 slot inventory, biggest boost in warp drive, picked up in a korvax system with ‘comfortable’ economy


I’ve had S class experimental and alien mt’s for some time, but never found my own s class. I’d heard that if there’s one of any class in a high end system then the s class is there somewhere.
So, thought I’d put it to the test, starting at the portal, spiralling out then checking all over. After 2 play sessions and many many a and b mt’s I ended up back near the portal and low and behold…turns out to be true :slight_smile:

Euclid, PS4, Normal, only 4 minutes by exocraft from the portal.


My blue exotic just turned white for about 10 minutes then back to blue. Did it see a ghost??!!


Was it raining? Maybe it is a color-changing ship? :sunglasses:


Oooo, maybe it’s a mood-ship?


@dersvr I have this one, The back end is a bit different but same white color with slanted wings. Dm me if you want coords


Could I get the coordinates for this hauler please? I’m a noob and cant figure out how to DM.


Hi @onedog31, you can use the @ sign and select the user you want to tag or click on the user’s name and then click message in the popup’s upper right corner or click the reply button in the lower right corner of the user’s post you wish to specifically reply.



@Bcnuby Thanks in advance!