S Class Megathread


That would be amazing, Galactic terminal calling ship yard here’s your beacon and lock codes.

Heck will even sell you the cargo cheap if you’d like :slight_smile:



Do you have coords for that white ship by chance? I’ve been looking for one in that style and color.


Last 2 S class fighters to finish my collection.


I thought about that aswell, and that would be absolutely awesome.


Actually I think I do have that coordinate, but I’ll need to dig for it.
It was from my old home system (or nearby) from right back after Atlas rises.
I’ll PM you once I locate it.


Apologies but it looks like I didn’t record that ships location coordinates in my pictures. Was a long time ago before I used my photo mode a lot. Sorry.


No worries, Thanks for checking!


My S class hauler is all loaded up for next!


Well, you won’t be short of cash…


A lot of credits
Is the maximum credit you can have 4,294,967,295 ? Or is it higher?


An excellent addition to my collection…


Picked this up the other day, Best stats I’ve had on one of those :slight_smile:




I have a question about exotic ship spawn: did someone search for exotic ships while you already have one (or two in my case)?
Btw. I played NMS since day one so I have the credits to have several ships at once, including both exotic archetypes, the squid-ship and a “bubble”-type-ship (it really looks like the Bubble-ship from the movie Oblivion).
I tried to find other exotic ships (especially that Bubble-type with a lance- or probe-thing on the front) via the “rich-system-trading-port-reload”-method for hours now but there doesn’t seem to spawn any. Could there be some kind of “spawn-stop” when you already own both exotic types or am I just unlucky?
My primary ship at this moment is a regular S-ranked ship and my freighter is not at the same system.


All systems will spawn 1 type of exotic.
Having an exotic does not alter the chance of another exotic appearing. They can be frustrating to find sometimes.

You can summon your freighter to where you are via your pop up menu at any time.


Sorry I’m still laughing at this typo to be of any help to you right now :joy: good thing @Mad-Hatter got here first :see_no_evil:


I had quite the snigger myself. Had to restrain myself on suggesting how to make said typo spawn :rofl:


Thanks for your reply


You feed the little buggers iron or heridium right? Or have they retconned where exactly that coprite comes from?


now that I look at it, it’s very laughable :sweat_smile: