S Class Megathread


Just found this little beauty and added it to the fleet.

Also had to stop by on this planet in the same system just for the photo opportunity.


Update: Today i’ve found another royal exotic, located on the moon of Nihonmats-2 Aanhem (Wealthy Space system). I located it on a crash site near my base.

I was just finished building a base in creative mode when I found it. At first i didnt expect S-Class Royal Exotics to show up on creative mode, I was very happy when proven wrong.

The ship has 17 slots.
+41% Damage
+55% Shield
+56% Hyperdrive

I am currently residing in the Rifter-Iqu Space system.


Update 2: So i was checking some stuff out when i noticed that i have 34:00 play time on normal and 14:16 in creative mode, summing up the interesting ships i’ve found so far.

On normal i only obtained 1 S class exotic ship during that 34:00 of game time.

But on creative mode, i obtained multiple S class exotics, yet also only 1 royal one (14:16 play time):

The other exotics in creative mode were old model ones:

I also found 1 A class hauler with 48 slots .

And not to forget a super awesome freighter in a black/green color scheme, which is mine now:

It seems finding exotic ships in creative mode is much more common then in normal mode. Anyone has experience with this? If i compare the data, it seems that it took me only half the game time in creative mode compared to normal mode to find this amount of S class ships.


Less Common Front Cockpit Fighter S Class (no location)


I’ve never seen a fighter like that! :open_mouth:


My new ride, acquired today…


My new ships


Nice. Those long nosed fighters are really rare.


Like @Mad-Hatter said… And those S-class side-pod Rasa’s too… cooler than a frost-crystal!


Latest acquisition. Sweet special class. System location shown.


More Exotica… The coordinates are for the red/silver orb exotic. PS4 Normal, Aptarkaba.


20 slot Squiddie (no location)


For the Archives
Two confirmed 20 slot ‘S’ class exotics side by side. (white one is player owned)


For The Archives
Yellow flip-wing, circling player freighter in home system.


For The Archives
Cyan orb-type, departing a freighter.


The servers were not uploading names of systems properly at the time this star map was taken. Thus, the system took on the name I gave it, until I restarted the game.

This ship can be found in the space station after reloading your current save. It is the first ship to land. Frequency of 20 slots is high. I found 2 in my first 3 reloads, and saw a few others on subsequent visits. My buddies have found them at 20 slots with a high frequency, as well.

System is located near the Hub7 area. There seems not to be a base in the system, so you can base hop. Also, there are several farms nearby if you are looking to settle in the area. Several other systems have old legacy bases, containing NipNip and Pearl farms, nearby.


Side by side, PS4 Normal, Aptarkaba.


Reference my post number 278 on this thread, my assumptions were incorrect. Only this morning while in a Gek system waiting for a particular Max Slot Hauler design in S Class, this landed. An S Class Max Slot fighter - but in a Gek System which I assumed was impossible. Strange. You think you’re getting to know this game, but it still surprises you.


I at first thought the S class fighters were impossibly rare. Then I found one, and then two more and when the Fourth showed up I was met with a problem. I had two haulers an explorer and three fighters all S class already. I instinctively bought the new fighter. It cost nothing compared to the Hauler. So what to do? I would rather have the Fighter but then an Exotic showed up and it was just the model I wanted. So I buy it also. Now I have eight S class ships and only room for six. I ended up trading the explorer for the Exotic and keeping the Hauler. Now I have three fighters two haulers and an exotic. I miss the explorer but I had spent so much time searching for the Fighters and the Exotic gets nearly the same jump distance. I can’t help but feel I should have given up a fighter for the explorer, but since I had just bought a new one I already had to leave behind, losing two at once would have been too much.


Been there, done that.

I really hope NEXT allows us to sell ships. Even if only to an NPC ship dealer.