S Class Megathread


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Its not easy sticking to the topic, but here my ‘hat’ goes off to you :tophat::beers:
Is that squiddie RED or slightly PEACH?


Peach is about right.
Peach with purple prongs. :grin:


Sorry this is way off topic, not sure where else to post this, but idk if you all remember the “sentinel ships”, like this one:

I’ve wanted one since the moment I saw the E3 trailer.
Does anyone think we will ever get these ships? I hope they are included in the NEXT update. I know they’re currently in the game but only as sentinel attack ships., I would love to purchase one for my fleet.


@AndyBiz10 They’ve changed a bit but still look pretty cool.


Yeah i’ve only seen them as attack ships, I would like to purchase one or a variation of one for my fleet.


Only 46 days until summer and NEXT!


Had not seen (or noticed) the energy-shielding around the ‘storage’ tanks before… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not a fan of this design though, so I thanked the trader for the opportunity and continued on my way :rocket:


Can we get pictures of S freighter stats?

for a :beer:?


Red Exotic. #12 Aptarkaba. PS4 Normal. If you get out this far, it’s a real looker. :grinning:. I’ve left a red beacon at the trade post so you’ll know your in the correct system.


All of these ships can be found in this one system. Max Slot Hauler, Fighter, and Explorer. While I wait for the S Class Fighter and Hauler, these other S Class ships landed. Good ships are everywhere…

#12 Aptarkaba, PS4 Normal.


So, say I find an A class fighter with max slots. It I wait long enough, will an S class version appear?


Depends on the economy of the system. There are three economy tiers and you’re more likely to see an S Class in the top two only. But, yes, eventually an S Class will show up. You just need a lot of patience.


Two more S Class ships arrived in the same system this morning, I’m still waiting for the max slot fighter and hauler, and still haven’t seen the system exotic. I plan on moving to another Opulent/Wealthy system soon, I want to confirm if there is a max slot version of each ship type in each system. If not - how are max slot ships distributed? Thoughts on this are always welcome.


As an aside to the last post, I’m specifically interested in max slot ships. Obviously these wil be either A or S Class. S Class spawn more frequently in the top two economy tiers, and the dominant race of the system determines which ship type you will see more of - Korvax/Explorer (High Hyperdrive Bonus), Gek/Hauler (High Shield Bonus), Vy’keen/Fighter (High Damage Bonus). But is there a max slot variant of Fighter (38), Explorer (38), Hauler (48), and Shuttle (28) in every system?


Finally! 48 slots.


While i was browsing this forum in hopes of uncovering tips on finding S class ships, this baby showed up…

My heart almost skipped a beat when i found it…

The ship has 20 slots

Damage: +49%
Shield: +55%
Hyperdrive: +57

The ship was found on the planet Iayugkargy Meide. I never expected to find a S grade ship while reading this forum. I made a account specifically for this moment to share with you guys! I can’t believe how lucky i am now.




I’m still trying to nail down the specifics of where exactly you can obtain Max Slot S Class ships. So. I’ve spent about 10 in game day/night cycles at one trade post in a Korvax/Prosperous/Dangerous system. During this time I saw and captured screenshots of most of the S Class ships that landed. In total including the exotic, about 12 S Class ships of varying types landed. I saw A Class Max Slot variants of both the fighter and hauler, but not S Class…So. My working theory is that as we know the breakdown of ships per system that will spawn.

3 Fighter
3 Hauler
3 Explorer
7 Shuttle
1 Exotic

4 extra ship models for the dominant race - in my case four extra Explorer models. One of these I presumed would be the Max Slot S Class variant. Which I then saw and subsequently catalogued. I then waited around to see if either the Max Slot S Class Hauler or Fighter would appear, and after another ten or so day/night cycles nothing showed. I could have picked up Max Slot A Class variants of these models, but definitely not S Class.

So my conclusion is that the dominant race will determine which S Class Max Slot ship type you will see. I was in a Korvax system, so saw the Max Slot S Class Explorer only. I did not know this for sure, but now I’m positive this is how the system works. The Top tier economy is more likely to spawn this type of ship, and I also think the the conflict level will affect the spawn percentage, but I am still to confirm this. Thoughts are welcome.


Being able to add a search filter in the galactic map to search in this specific way would be really useful. At the moment I search manually using the filters in the galactic map (PS4 vanilla), so it takes time to find the specific system I want. Freighter Scanning upgrades would fit the bill here. I would happily grind to be able to fit a piece of tech to upgrade in this way. A long range drone scanner that could give me the info I want so I can map specific routes, system to system from my freighter galactic map…