S Class Megathread


Thank you @Mad-Hatter and @arpoja. Hopefully A&S give me something nice today :grin:


Crashed exotic
System: Rasakae-Toma
Planet: Jonantakam Leche
Coordinates: 044C:0081:0D54:012B
Just outside Hub 11

17/5 slots
Damage: 42%
Shield: 55%
Hyperdrive: 60%
Color: Bright Red/Gold



@Marky well guess what, after whining about never seeing a squid, one lands in my freighter this morning (Saturday). Needless to say, I quickly traded my old exotic for the squid.

Please note! This is a PS4 - Survival Mode game coordinates

Euclid Galaxy


The ship.

Better lucky than good!


It’s been a year looking for a Squid spaceship, nothing.

And yours just lands inside your freighter…:joy:



Don’t feel bad. I have never found one either.:disappointed_relieved:


400 hours in and I’ve never come across a crashed exotic…


Just buy…they’re incredibly cheap and if you find a good exotic it can be a very good primary ship.


How many slots?


17/5 slots

Damage: 42%
Shield: 55%
Hyperdrive: 60%


That’s ok…ideally you’d want nothing less than 20+6 slots for an exotic and as close to the max stats an exotic can have of 49/59/64.


I might actually grab it. It’s better then my current :laughing:


I had been standing at the same trading post for more than two hours. Why?, well, every 15 or 20 minutes, a ship comes in selling 750 Radon - but that’s another story…

After two hours, checking every normal, unremarkable ship that came in, this thing turned up.

You can never tell.




This is “easy” squid - it arrives to space station after quite small waiting time with each reload.

Had to wave my hand to my old s-class Explorer from 1.2 update, who served me very well and brought me to several civilizations via black hole jumping. :cry:


man… I know how it feels having to leave a spaceship that followed you for quiet a long time!

Nice Squidy, this ship is just gorgeous!


Love the colour of this one - havn’t been in euclid for about a year! - with any luck NEXT will provide inter-dimensional travel! Thanks for sharing coords anyway, will see if they work in Bud.


(Within reach of the ETARC HUB)