S Class Megathread


Do you have the coordinates for that blue explorer by chance? I collect explorers and that one is very nice!


No, sorry. I forgot to get the location.


The 28 Slots Green S-Class looks really good!

That could be a nice new skin for my TRV01! :muscle::sunglasses:




Where are you guys finding these?


@NJcurtis1 The exotics will appear in every system.
What it will be is individual to the system like other ships but the appearances of exotics are much rarer. Reloading on a trading post often triggers them to spawn.
Further down the thread you’ll see we started adding location coordinates so interested parties could hunt particular style/colour ships.


Awesome thanks




Just found this the other day. 5 tech slots. Sorry, but I didn’t remember to grab the address :cry:


The tiger stripes are cool! I have yet to see a squid exotic. :slightly_frowning_face:



Same here, seen every S class but a squid.


When I found a squid ship it was totally by accident. I was just about to hop in my ship and warp to a new system. And then one flew over my head lol… I ended up staying in that system for a day until I found it again at a trade station. :rocket:


You can do that at any reasonably wealthy system and you’re guaranteed to eventually see an exotic…might not be the squid shaped exotic but it’s functionally identical to the other exotic sorts.


This is the first on I’ve come across. I was lucky that I happened to be in the market for a new ship. I wasn’t the biggest fan of squiddies, but I’ve grown to like it. The cockpit is mounted rather high on the ship, and I get a huge view when inside.


Please, can you show us a screenshot of the inside of the cockpit view? :slight_smile:


I can see as far as I can turn my head. The Shots in order:


Happy birthday @Xion4012 :tada:


Don’t forget crashed ships. The 1 key (on PC, don’t know for PS4) can manage good suprises


Thank you! That’s a really nice one. :heart: