S Class Megathread



‘S’ Explorer


I have a few S class ships now but still on the look out for a freighter.

I did manage to finally get an exotic ship :grinning:

Also found a portal visit online and purchased this bad boy!


Been after a decent sized Hauler for a while. Managed to grab this one.


Camping this one for the next release.



Finally after countless battles, I’ve found a large slot ‘S’ class freighter.
Bought it on the spot of course.

How often do you get to see 2 confirmed ‘S’ class freighters next to each other :wink:
My old smaller 19 slot ‘S’ next to my new 34 slot ’ S’.


@Marky I have been searching this multi tool for ages and ages… still do’t have it ! May I ask where you found it?
@Mad-Hatter Wowow a black n’ white freighter … lucky hatter ! Not exactly the same size as your old S-Class


I’ll find the portal address when I get home from work.


That would be awesome! I gotta rush my glyph research… 0 /10 :sweat_smile:


lol, found an S weapon, then lost the save due to corruption by EMILY!!!


I have been searching for this beauty and never found it! I think you can get them on those small buidings right? Because all I get are small little ridiculous water C class multi tools…


This is the one I found online.

It’s about 20 minutes to the comballs or about 8 minutes in the nomad.

Once you get to the location, make a save outside then go in and view the multitool. You can get the experimental one pictured or if you reload the save then go and view the multitool you will see the alien version.


Thank you Marky!!!
Much much appreciated! :fist: