S Class Megathread


Here’s a few exotics I’ve come across in game and a few aesthetic shots of my squiddy…


Well, after just stating above that I’ve only seen one S-class ship in 120 hours game play, I’ve just been to my first green system and had 3 at once land in the space station!

None were exotic tho, but did get myself an S-class fighter, 29 general slots and 5 technical.

Traded in my A-class hauler and 7 million, which had 30 general slots and 4 technical so haven’t lost any slots.


I have seen S class ships in every class now but I have a couple questions.

What does your stable of ships look like?

(Updated to current ) I have Three haulers, one S Class(48 slot) two A class (both 47 slot), one Exotic (19 slot), Two fighters , A class( 38 slot) and S class(29 slot). I use the 38 slot fighter as my daily driver(in case I am jumped by pirates I have a good chance) and for farming runs so I can trade it out if I see something I want. I fight with the S Class fighter and use the Exotic for Warping as I do not yet have all the freighter warp upgrades, and the haulers for storage and going through black holes exclusively. DO NOT take your exotic through black holes, it will break the most expensive upgrade every time.

What does your ideal stable look like? Ideally all S class top inventory slot obviously, I am shooting for 3 Haulers, Two fighters and one Exotic.

I’ve found several exotics and currently have a squid ship, but it is not exactly a daily driver. They are mostly useless for normal game play with such a small inventory and I use mine now exclusively for warp travel. I was using an S class Explorer(29 slot) for warping that had slightly better Hyperdrive capability but it’s defense ability was 0% and when you jump into a system with an ongoing battle it is a bummer to switch out to my fighter for what is a pretty easy battle.

My question is has anyone found an S class Fighter with 38 slots(Max) on PS4?(The answer is yes!) I have only seen 29 slot models and I am itching for a better fighter(Finally found it!) and I might even change out my squid for a 38 slot Explorer(I traded it for a 48 slot A class Hauler) since it would be perfect for Farming runs (though I had the chance the same day I found the squid and didn’t pull the trigger.) My 29 slot fighter has all but 3 slots filled and want to be able to collect the items dropped from battle and I want to put a couple more upgrades in it and I cannot. I have spent hours at trading posts in dozens of systems and I have never seen a 38 S class and I am starting to feel like they don’t exist.( They do and I got rid of the 29 slot fighter)

Also after your first few hours of game play does anyone use a shuttle? Why does every system have 7 different models of Shuttles when they are just inferior? Even the best S Class shuttle is less useful than every other type of ship except arguably an Exotic. While Exotics at least have excellent stats, Shuttles have poor stats and low inventory space.

Edit: Updated to current 3/6/18: 1 S Class fighter 38 slot woot!, 1 S class Hauler 48 slot, 2 A class Haulers 48 slot , 2 A class Haulers 47 slot. Needed the space for Stuff. Once I get an S Class Capitol Freighter I will consider trading out the Haulers but the S Class Fighter that one is permanent ,I think.


I have;
1x white tallwing exotic set up mostly for local use & long warps & it is my favourite & most used ship.
1x red tall/flipwing exotic set up as a fighter with warp upgrades. (Good for warps/exploring where you expect trouble.)
1x silver small orb exotic set up with exocraft makings. (My 2nd most used ship, primarily for short warps, detailed exploration & asteroid mining)
1x 37 slot A class fighter specifically setup for home defence & pirate hunting missions. (Makes short work of combat situations)
2× 48 slot A class haulers. One full of fuels, the other my gradual-fill-up-merchant-ship, for selling crafted goods when full. This also doubles (along with my Colossos) as my base pack-up/relocation storage. I move fairly regularly.
My S class freighter is primarily just my garage & for long distance warping should I get the urge. On board I have a circuit board farm & my storage boxes. It’s slots are filled with a mix of mission reward items used for making more valuable products & lots of warp cells for those epic intersteller runs to other hubs.
My base these days is a simple underground setup with samples of each plant in a dome, 3 warp-cell drums and a save point.
My ideal setup would be to have a full size S class freighter set up the same way but at this time I still have spare space so I’m content. I’m over a billion units so farming is just a side task now.


I found an S Class yesterday! Couldn’t afford it lol (Over 25M)

Gorgeous Stats !




Exceptionally nice, with great stats. Accessible from near Etarc Hub (1800lys aprox).


This is my hangar:

Haulers - S-A-A max slot - for moving my base. Right now stocked with backup crops for farm. Only S class have all upgrades.

Fighter - S38 - with all upgrades - I’ve got it for fighting, but in practice it is used for lesure and enjoying views in low flight due to good view from cockpit.

Explorer - S38 - no upgrades - black hole jumping. Stocked with warp cells.

Exotic - S38 - fully upgraded - main vessel to travel and explore.

I have fully upgraded exosuit inventory and take everything with me and don’t care about ship’s inventory size.

I have used shuttle in the beginning, because they used to have lowest cost per slot.


Yeah, I don’t exactly have a freighter yet… so… yeah.


Finally, after much screaming, teeth grinding, hair pulling, shouting, and general bad behaviour, I present the newest addition to my fleet…


AMAZING! Congrats on that beautiful baby!


Hey! I just saw that one yesterday and could not afford it. I was going to go back and try to cut a deal on it. :wink:


S class ship shopping Eissentam.


Still… no… FREIGHTER. (Good job though) :laughing:





It may be ugly but it’s an ‘S’ class so here it is:
Reminds me a bit of the Snowspeeders from Empire Strikes Back.


Awesome ship ! :hushed:


Not a bad layout for a Shuttle :wink: