S Class Megathread


Nice ship!

I kind of thought of this as a stickied thread, and others don’t seem to mind, so keep posting : )


No, it just went quiet for a while. I’ve never seen anyone taken to task for necroing threads - these things come in phases.


Have not seen exotics for a while and just run into this one, while refueling at my home planet. :smiley:


I put these in another thread but thought I should put them here too…for the ‘S’ archives :grin:
All three came from the same system.


For the archives.


Found this in my archive I was so tempted.


I haven’t seen an s class in 10,000 years


I love that little S’s colours. Really suits it.


Another one. Within warping distance of the ETARC HUB (about 1700ly away)


Another one within range of the Etarc Hub (1800ly away)


My forever s class exotic,


:grinning: I love this ship, get out and put it in my pocket , looks like it lands on the pad better then other exoctics.


Flip wing

Off Exploring in the Yibolak Cloud

2 more both in the same system.


Is there like a secret to finding one or am I just unlucky?

Maybe I should devote my life to the church of Sean’s beard


Get a Wealthy System
With 6 Planets
Find a trading post.
Wait till RNG kicks in
Scan all ships that land


no you are not unlucky or you can say lucky
it is best to show up when you really really find a sweet deal
I’ve been looking for the octopus ship and have not seen one yet
some day soon … maybe if EMILY would just be kind … we know what she is really like!!!



I quite liked this one I came across the other day. Nice colours, some pretty details, and a fairly unusual design. I didn’t buy it - my freighter’s already full of 48 slotters.



This little fellah landed at my base a couple of days ago. 120 hours game play and this is the first S class I’ve seen.

Still kicking myself over not buying it!