Introduction Thread


Hello everyone.
i just get the game earlier this afternoon, and it sound pretty cool.
i have never spoil myself in it, and the few i saw in the game make me feel that i gonna be busy with it.
i need to understand how it work, but i will get it.
anyway, in the exploration way, it look huge and complete in the -fill me that database please- way.
i am exited.
hope to see you around.


Welcome parcival- enjoy your stay, take lots of screenshots of your adventures!


thank you.
i will sure, may i shall say i am playing on xbox, but i assume it may not be a big deal right?
and, if you have advice, you know for beginners, without asking of course, i will anyway be thankfull.


There are some handy topics going with answers for various things, and here’s one with some helpful hints as well.

My advice is take your time and enjoy it, don’t try to get rich quick, or get the best stuff as soon as you can - you just make it a grind doing that. As you progress everything becomes easier to earn and find.


i do not attempt to be rich in a day, my things is more exploration anyway.
i will sure take my time.
i will read the topics you sent me, thank you.


Wise words. @parcival The game is best enjoyed at your own pace. Explore a galaxy of 18 Quintilian planets. There isn’t a “game” to complete, or finish. It’s all about the journey. Make your own way in the galaxy Interloper.


sure this is wise words.
i will start officially tonight (must wait the little daddy girl go to bed first) and the journey will begin.
cant wait if you want to know.
anyway, thanks for your replies , nice to not fell alone here.
and, i am pretty news in the forum things of game in general, so i could be perhaps clumsy in my request or demand.
dont pay to much attention to that, and be sure of a report very soon of my first step.


Welcome! :grinning:


Welcome @Aslad!!
Hope you will find some answers and have fun, in this most beautiful community!
Greetings and may the 16 be with you! :wink:


Welcome to the ETARC CSD (NMS) Community, @parcival! :wave: :smiley:

Thank you for taking a minute to say Hello to everyone, in this thread.

As advised by some of our great community, DO take your time, and play it how you like (of course), and feel free to look for useful Answers in our Forum here.

Get to know the Search function [ :mag: at the top right corner ],
and the most direct way to find all the main forum threads by clicking the logo in the top left
(( —> width="80" height="80" <— )) The ATLAS CSD logo
… so you can most easily find the Answers you need, as you play through. :v: :wink:

A few quick links for you:

Here’s the (older) “Help a Fellow Traveller” thread..

The “current” (new-ish) “Advice, Tips, & Tricks” thread, to which regular forumite @sheralmyst has posted MANY tips so far.

… and if you experience any issues / problems with your game, try to REPORT it.
Here’s a thread with some info to help with Problem Reporting (to Hello Games’ ZenDesk).

Once again, WELCOME to the Community, Parcival.
We look forward to seeing your screenshots / progress, eventually. :smiley: :+1: