Newcomer to HAM

Hi there!

I am John and was interested in this forum because i’m starting with amateur radio stuff (i’m an old crow trying to learn new things), and surprisingly close to Edison!.

I found this while looking for people doing this near me at Newark, so lucky! I’m trying to get digital to analog stuff going with arduino’s and RTL-SDR usb dongles (got curious since some users turned DVB dongles into radio dongles!).

Can you give me some tips from the experienced side (specially Emily, boss around here? :D).


Hello John!

Well @emily mentioned at one point that she is actually not in Edison anymore.

I will try to ping some members here who could be of help:

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Welcome John! You’ll notice this forum is being quite dominated by the ARG going on, so it might take a while from one of the radio enthousiasts to reach out to you!

In the mean time, feel free to join our search in this ARG!

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Hi! I’m still very much a newcomer to ham radio, but I’ll see if I can rustle something up for you later today-- I’ve got a lot of stuff to get done IRL (nothing Waking Titan related unfortunately!)

I can send you a PM later with some resources, ok? :smile:


Oh thanks, Emily!

Hope RL stuff goes ok. I appreciate the help :smiley:

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