What about this Radio stuff?

Anyone else read a little more into “radio” ? I know most of the people including myself found there way here for other reasons. But since ending up here I have read into "radio"and was wondering if anyone else here knows of some good beginner friendly reads. I have been reading mostly about GNU radio and find it interesting but not sure how beginner friendly it really is but i prefer Linux based O.S’s. And cost effective solutions to things. So it seems like SDR is the route I might test. I’m more interested in the listening aspect of things. I figured I would ask and see if any one else went down this route ? Maybe compare some notes ?


SDR is the optimal way for beginner, who would like to test, without making large investment, and decide (besides going to club). Because one just need cheap DVBT usb stick and some soldering skills and SDR sw to get all band receiver. For radio theory basics I would recommend general/tech class books by Gordon West. Just search amazon, using his call sign - wb6noa. There were also audio cassettes/disks available. His books both good for learning basics and preparing for official certification.

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