ETRC station

Hello, I just wanted to ask if KD2HUY (registed as “Edison Township Radio Club”) is the same club as ETARC, or if there are two HAM clubs in Edison with similar names?

Thank you.

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Oh, man, this is actually a kind of funny (and embarrassing!) story. So back in what must have been 2015, looking at the licenses for this “club”, there was a bit of a dispute between Gruffham and another guy who actually doesn’t live in Edison any more, I don’t think. Gruffham’s run ETARC single-handedly for as long as I’ve been aware, and it’s been the only radio club in Edison for longer than that-- but this argument resulted the other guy trying to start a competing club or something! I’ll admit, Gruffham can be a little… rough around the edges, but it was a total overreaction and really just petty childish garbage. So he registered a callsign under his club name (which is one word off from ours :rolling_eyes:)

ETARC doesn’t have a club license, mostly because it’s a lot of liability for whoever’s name is actually on the thing. And as far as I know, Gruffham and the other guy made up and the other “radio club” disbanded, probably in early 2016. Really you’ve just come across evidence of a very old and very overblown quarrel amongst hams :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a fascinating story, thanks for sharing. You should get Gruffham to post on the forums. I’m certain he has even more stories to tell.

I’ll see if I can hassle him into it. He’s not a big fan of them to start with, and now that we’ve got a lot of… “newcomers”, you could say, he’s even less keen!


The newcomers like him.


@emily Hello Emily, can you tell me anything about Gruffham? he sounds like an interesting man.

Hm, well, he’s a friend of my dad’s from their Army days, he has a son named Dominic… He’s sort of like an adoptive father to me, and I miss him a lot being so far from home (if you read this Gruffham, I’m not just being sappy!)


Thank you very much for the reply, a follow up if I may, What is Gruffhams take on this Waking Titan business?

@emily might help you see this

I get a ping when you reply to a thread I’m watching, and I watch every thread I post in. So don’t worry about me not seeing responses!

He’s not super fond of it and is mostly waiting for it all to blow over so I stop talking his ear off :slight_smile:

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He isn’t actively involved? you speak of him quite highly I would have imagined he has a wealth of knowledge he could help us with

No, he thinks it’s sort of silly. Gruffham isn’t the imaginative sort.

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Thank you once again for responding to me, im just trying to get a read on the community :slight_smile:

what can you tell me about oldgods?

Oldgods is just the admin account for the forums. :slight_smile:

Hmmm OK… Well im glad to be here and hopefully we can solve this mystery :wink: If you had any ideas you need an extra mind working on Im here to help! Thanks for making me feel welcome with the replies @emily :slight_smile:

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Someone found a reference to Old Gods on Echo-64, same avatar even. Must be some new sort of admin thing used across various website or web platforms. aka: stuff I don’t understand.
Unless there is some sort of bigger conspiracy going on with all of this. Haha. Hehe. :thinking::no_mouth:

edit to add links /echo and /atlas where Old Gods was found.


Not to mention his location given on his/her profile corresponds to the coordinates given by August Derleth (An HP Lovecraft Publisher) for the city of Ry’leh. I believe in the HPL Mythos, this is where Cthulhu sleeps.

Oh your dad was in the military? What was his job?

I so missed that, thanks @YankeeWhite I am collecting especially any references to persons of interest and organizations so thanks for sharing that - please send me any more connections or even just info you find; I like tracking lore.

Hi Emily, could you tell me what the Old Gods avatar is please?