Dumb question... What does ETARC stand for?


i cant read the logo in the top left and it seems this site is so obscure that a quick google search doesn’t give me any answers. so what does ETARC stand for?


Edison Township Amateur Radio Club



Existential Technology Augmented Reality Crisis


Emily Teaches All Real Chaos


Eat The Atlas Rhetoric, Clown!


Everybody Totally Absolutely REALLY (ahem…) Cares (about science and stuff)

edit* @Puzzle

I thought it felt weird.


Good start, but the R is missing :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! Haha, great one


Enlightened Teaching Across [the] Reaching Cosmos


“Euclid Tinfoil And Ritalin Commune.”


“Exceptionally Talented Alternate Reality Conglomerate”

The truth is probably somewhere in between. :joy:


cratE craTe crAte cRate Crate

and stuff


Extra Terrestrials Are Riding Carpets :thinking::rofl:


I like that. We should keep it :smiley: I’d switch the Augmented for Alternate, though.


Existential Technology Alternate Reality Crisis


Existential Tinfoil And Rant Crew :crazy_face:



(Emily IS EVIL… THAT IS ALL) :ok_hand:


Enthusiastic Titan Awaken-ers Research Community


I think this is my favorite so far!



Mr. N is about to take us on a magic carpet ride…

I think it’s only right this is the official ETARC artifact. Hung over every fire place, a frame on every mantle and bedside locker, a becaon in the dark for those in search of light. :rofl:

Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!
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Every Titan Awakes for Rich Coffee.


this picture should be our flag