Things I'd Wish I'd Known from the Start


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I’ll start:

You can manage your inventory while in warp. I guess I never gave it much thought but it’s kinda immersive (evil). Got a minute or two, might as well inspect the suit and top off the batteries. Got me wondering what 5 minutes would be like. Would I choose to go there?

Introduction Thread

You can lay floor panels under and in the ground. When you add more floor panels, it will remove surrounding terrain for free, assuming you’re building a base.


I wish I’d known they introduced a refining system with NEXT. I spent hours trying to figure out how to get pure ferrite :weary:


I wish I’d known that the freighter/frigate missions don’t kickstart until you do your first kill a pirate mission for the guilds. That is what the ‘undisclosed’ reward must be
Makes me wonder what other secret triggers there are to get certain things.


I wish I knew that you lost your inventory when you died, before I died trying to save another player. I didn’t even know you could go to your grave marker until I’d already quit the game (multiplayer in his world)


Can’t confirm that. I got my first distress call from a freighter some 6 hours in without having done any pirate killing beforehand. And since then, every freighter captain wants to hand me their ship when I save their buts. That’s a bit breaking, if you ask me…


Yesterday i saved another freighter, captain wanted to give it to me but when i accepted it asked me 86M so maybe if you never have to pay that’s a bug.
Or the bug is when i had to pay because the dialogue when i talk again with the captain is something like “i’m happy the crew is still there after the sale”.


I think it relates to blowing up a pirate/enemy.
In a previous play (but overwriten because I reloaded back) I did the same thing as you with the generous captain and the freighter/frigate icon popped up then too.


The first Freighter you save from Pirates is supposed to be FREE…the question is, can you refuse to save that Freighter and wait for a chance to rescue a better Freighter? Or are you stuck with taking the first one that needs rescuing?


I refused the first freighter rescue mission offered at 8 or so hours in because my ship could barely fly. I’ve since done a few, but haven’t been offered one for free yet.


@sheralmyst: I had been thinking the same, get it for free or refuse to ‘maybe’ get the next one for free. Was a tough decision, but decided to not risk the attempt, so I got the first offered.

@Captain_Jack: Thanks for clarifying, seems like I made a wise choice.


D’oh! After logging in today, I took the freighter job again and this time they offered me a freebie on the first go round. At this point, who knows what the deal is. :confounded:


I wish I knew about putting together similar technologies in your exosuit/ship/multitool/rover/freighter because my awesome hauler had technologies just thrown all over different places.


I wish I had known from the start that the big useless room in your freighter can be disassembled and the parts received used to build a more sensible layout.


That is kinda a big deal.


I wish I’d known from the start that the useless module techs were actually saleable (for nanites) in the module purchase screen. How many have I discarded not realising this. :roll_eyes:


I wish I’d known that when I used the upload all it’s only the planets and not the separate bits.
Got an influx of nanites after going to each planet and uploading each section :flushed:

Also that red barrel’s and green crates you can build also spawn resources and has a nice indicator that it has an item in the barrel


This reminds me…

I wish I’d known there is an upload all for creatures, fauna and way points.

Seriously only found this out a month ago after its been present since atlas rises.

If you hover over fauna/flora tab on a planet, you get an upload all prompt :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: