We are now over 500 investigators on this forum!

506 at the moment of writing!

Congratulations to all participants I guess! :cake:


Cool more folks to chat about HAM radio


Yeah! Quite crazy for a small HAM enthousiast site to get such a huge influx of people. Hopefully some of them will remain after this arg is over. Maybe Gruffham will enjoy it more then.

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500 and growing every day! :blush: I am so glad to be a part of this, you’re all so talented and driven and inspiring! Gruffham is warming up to the idea of this forum’s sort of… Repurposing, you could call it. Maybe he’ll make an appearance one of these days… (hint, hint, @Gruffham :wink:)


Maybe he has already, we just don’t know it yet :smiley:

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All things change, but if the core intent of a place to connect remains, all is good, right?

and something for @Gruffham :slight_smile:


Greetings from South Africa. When I was younger my father, who introduced me to all things sci-fi and futuristic and tech related was a avid HAM radio operator - I still remember his call to connect “CQ…CQ…ZS5NG calling and standing by”.
We would have aerials built in our garden at home, and he would have his radio room with a range of equipment including a number of old valve radios.
One of the highlights was when there was a particular set of solar flares that allowed a contact with an antarctic base that we listened in to.