How did you die?


With NEXT presenting a far more challenging experience, it’s noteable that the chance of ending up dead is far greater than previously…particularly early in the game.

Why not share your tale.

Multi-Tools 🔫
Monsterous Encounters
PS4 Patch 1.51 - S-Class Ships

My first death in 1.5 was at my new base.
Still mostly unequiped, I was harvesting some blue crystals when I pushed my luck and upset the local sentinel drone.
Forgetting this was not 1.3 and that I’m not super tough I proceeded to shoot him in the face with my feeble mining laser.
He didnt like that and by the time I’d fumbled my boltcaster out, his friends had arrived.
Of course I quickly exhausted my ammo discovering that an armoured sentinel is much tougher.
So… I ran away. Nearly dead I jetpacked my way to freedom only to forget I had no modules.
Subsequently I went splat.
I now have a grave next to my house :grin:


My next death.
In my freighter, I discovered that there was a gaping hole next to my storage vault.
Being an idiot, I decided to see if you could fall through… And yes you can.
I fell through my ship and out into the awful horror of empty space.
I was bombarded with cosmic radiation or something and my demise was rather swift and rather painful.
I then had to do repeat grave fly-bys and ship inventory shuffling to retrieve all my horded goodies once I’d regenerated. :upside_down_face:

Moral of the story is: Stay away from graphics holes :hole:


First attempt at playing a new game with 1.5… died within 2 minutes. I was completely unprepared for how different things were. Toxic overdose with no cover anywhere near me. Second attempt… same fate except I froze to death.

If I was playing this for the first time, I would have gone postal. :gun:


Same here man… too bad the ‘load previous save’ option is gone now :confused:


I do like that any progress you made is instantly saved now. No going back and doing things all over again.


My first death was messing with the eggs i got 10 of them but atlast the beasts got the best of me but it was worth it for all that money


er…I blew myself up accidently with the multi-tool. Stupid thing! LOL

…I am currently writing to health and safety at Hello Games…


I died trying to take down a walker. I love how the new mechanics make it easier to become more wanted, and that the sentinels have armor so that they are harder to beat. The walker is somewhat of a classical bullet-sponge for sure, but I never managed to beat one without hiding inside buildings to recharge my shields.


Funny this topic shows up because after i died (more than once) I saw similar things happen to youtubers playing the game which made me feel better about dying. LOL so here goes…

1 - Loaded new game.
2 - Started on hot planet which almost immediately had a storm start.
3 - Couldn’t find my ship to get into.
4 - Looked for cave and ran for it.
5 - Immediately got hit with toxic gas.
6- Freaked out, ran back outside. Was still dying from heat.
7 - Freaked out, ran back in and got hit by gas again.
8 - Ran deeper into cave hoping I would stop dying soon.
9 - Died anyway…
10 - Thought to myself … WOW! This is NORMAL mode!!!

11 - Did almost the same thing again but the 2nd time I ran around looking for my ship and the heat killed me. LOL D@MN IT!


I was on the side of a mountain. I saw a mineral deposit I wanted to mine, so I melee jumped off the side. I totally forgot that I only had like 2 seconds of jetpack (despite having played for hours at this point). I had just enough time to look down… :disappointed_relieved:

Btw, this is my new favorite thread. Loving it :rofl:


Died frying an egg with my multitool. Next time I will make sure there is a tall rock to jump up on first! Or my ship


I opened up one of the “whispering egg” and it spawned a bunch of green large insectoids who attacked me as a swarm. Seven (7) hits and I was dead.



Tried a new save first.

“User initialization sequence: Complete”

It’s finally here! Look at i…wait…I’m about to be on fire! Run…find a cave…run! There’s no cave! Run over there! Run! No cave over there either! Keep looking…run!

Running in circles now

I smell smoke! Keep running…find a cave! That looks like a cave…nope not a cave! Keep running in circles! Pick that stuff up maybe it’ll help…nope. Run! Run! Ugh, try again. Pay attention next time.

I think I made a little smoke tornado.


I died because my new game spawned me right on top of a Snappie and my ship was on the other side of a toxic, slippery slope which was too high for me to get over so I kept sliding back down the hill and getting snapped…so I started another new game…this time I was on a blistering hot planet with no ship in sight. By the time I found it, there was not enough time left for me to get there before being overcome by the elements…so I started another game…this one was also toxic so I ran into a cave and it was more toxic than outside…couldn’t get to my ship in time…died again. None of these planets seem to have elements I needed to live close enough for me to reach in time and when I would finally reach it, there was a sentinel waiting to tell me ‘hands off’.
Thankfully I finally started on a planet that was not so extreme.
We kept complaining that there wasn’t enough challenge…Moral: Be careful what you ask for.


Apparently shooting the Signal Booster that you’re using is frowned on.

Having just died again - I need to correct the above statement. Apparently standing too close to where the Geology Cannon is pointed is not pro-survival.


First death: Hypothermia. Boring. Could not figure out the interface/controls fast enough on a frozen hell of a planet–on the way to my ship for the first time. lol

Second Death: falling damage while exploring a lush planet with caves. Some of those grassy slopes are slippery!


I have’t died yet but I didn’t start a new save either…still, while most of the tech is gone my S class ships and multitool are doing the job.


The insects that everyone is so afraid of haven’t been much of a threat…they die very easily…two or three shots from the Boltcaster+Boltcaster SM kills them on the spot…though on a non-alien less powerful weapon you’d need about four or five shots each…still they’re pretty weak all things considered. They can’t climb though so you can just jetpack on a building or something and you’re safe. I don’t see the benefit of messing with them as the eggs are only worth 100k and as far as I can tell don’t serve any other purpose such as for crafting or anything.


I ran and amazed by clouds, looking up to them, fall into a cavern.
Falling down + toxicity = dead
Damn clouds!