"anomalous combat death detected" but i shot myself with the roamer cannon

the wiki says this message is due to death by another player, but i encountered it on my own. i was inside a cave while in the roamer and accidentally fired the cannon instead of the mining beam, which somehow drained my shield and killed me in a single shot (guessing it ricocheted off the wall and back at me.) you can kill yourself via other weapons, but those specify the death to be voluntary, so im not sure as to whether you’re supposed to be able to kill yourself with the roamer cannon. if you are, the death message should probably be changed. i lost nothing, fortunately, but did not receive a title like the other deaths give. no screenshot because it happened so fast, including the respawn time, which is surprising considering my pc is just a toaster with a couple monitors attached.


Nice. :laughing:
It’s good we can’t kill ourselves with the mining beam (or can we?) because it ricochets off of non-mineable objects all the time.
Interesting that you did not lose anything. Do you have that turned off in settings?
I may have to mine myself now…for the sake of science. :face_with_head_bandage: :upside_down_face:


nope, playing in normal mode. maybe it’s a failsafe intended to prevent people from losing everything if the game freaks out and kills you through a glitch out of your control? still annoyed that i had to drive back out for 15 minutes to get back to the spot i was mining.


also forgot to add: the roamer engine and cannon were broken afterwards, but none of my exosuit parts. now that i’ve got the full hardframe minotaur and nomad, im not using the roamer anymore after this


I had the same thing happen to me. I got in and accidentally hit the fire button for the cannon and it hit something near the rover and I was dead :slight_smile: The rover had broken components but I didn’t have a grave stone. I guess its like being in a ship and also a player shooting a bouncy grenade onto themselves.

This was the first time I died in the Expedition and it was very much like using the bouncy grenades you fire out of your multi-tool.

On a side note I noticed that you don’t have to have your ship destroyed to have damaged components either. I got to another system at the end of the expedition and got into a fight with pirates. I managed to keep my shields up most of the time but I did have a bunch of damage after I finished the battle.

Dying by grenade fire hasn’t been a thing since they added that pause when switching to firing it. The Roamers grenade launcher is a formidable weapon which I used to kill many a Worm Larvae and Infestation Creature. I hope to test it later on the Sentinels if I have the time :slight_smile:


i dont ever let my shield down when dogfighting, in fact, ive never even had to flee a dogfight, so ive never had my ship shot down or even had components damaged. but when i fight sentinels, for some reason it is ALWAYS this one specific sentinel exosuit part (crimson regulator) that breaks. the amount of pugneum and wiring looms i go through is frustrating but im too prideful and stubborn to lower difficulty settings. but how do you get the title “the unfortunate” if you cant grenade suicide and exocraft cannons dont give it to you?


It must be programmed to think you were killed by another player when you are killed by a vehicle weapon, since it wasn’t intended to happen that way


As for if my shields were down when I took damage, I am not sure. Because of the lack of doing ship combat in the majority of the expedition, I didn’t have a very powerful weapon or defense system on the ship. I was constantly recharging my shields just to keep up with some of the pirate’s damages. It is possible I didn’t notice I had lost all my shields and got hit.

It was a lot more challenging indeed to have a crappy ship and just fight that first normal battle where you get a freighter for free :slight_smile: Took about 10 times longer to defeat them and much more resources and I felt I could have really got destroyed out there :slight_smile:

PS Some of the more elite pirates were actually very difficult to follow and even keep in your sights. They also were able to turn around and shoot you almost instantly unless you played a spinning game with them. But the other pirates would still hit you as well. In the end after I had defeated the last elite one I accidentally blasted a trader. I had to run away from them until I could dock with the defended freighter :slight_smile:


omg yes WHY DO THE TRADERS ATTACK YOU AND CALL THE COPS AT A HAIR’S TRIGGER. it was their fault for flying directly in front of me while asteroid mining.


Well I have to take the blame for that retaliation from the traders. It was such a harsh fight that I was in the end just wanting to destroy that last pirate and get out of the battle so I could get the freighter. I am just glad that if you don’t fire on them they will just chase after you and try to hurt you. The trader level of combat usually is never as high as the really elite pirates.

Oh I was using that new ship as well and it had those rapid fire cannon things. I probably after destroying the last pirate locked on to the nearest trader that was helping out :slight_smile:

I think if I had buffed up weapons that could just blow them away in one salvo I would not have hit the trader in the end.

But back to the Roamer Cannon bounce self kill :slight_smile: I think they should have a proximity fuse that won’t explode until it has gone away from you for at least outside of the blast radius.(talking about any plasma type bouncy bomb) Plus maybe if there is a bounce that would ricochete back to the shooter that it would detonate where it bounced. That might be also a better fix for the roamer or plasma launcher on multi-tool :slight_smile:


Yes! I just submitted to ZenDesk.