Just got thrown into space... lost some epic loot


Glitch or bug, threw my player into space instantly killing me. I had an extremly rare historical document. ‘Elegant receipts’ historical document was the name and it worth about 680000 credits.

I just warped to a trade community to see if the item would be worth more there. As I get out of my ship at the space station, my player is hurled into space and killed instantly.

Im really pissed. I filled out a bug report and asked for a settlement in credits because that’s a total shit loss.

Essentially I did 3 hour grind to acquire loot and research economies just go have a bug shove a tire iron up my rear as im about to take the check to the bank to cash it…

I need to be alone for a while…

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Any way you can load a previous save? Have you perhaps backed up one recently to a usb or cloud? If not do NOT save and try to salvage your item. Someone suggested flying over your grave site in space with your ship inventory empty and slowly collect back missing items. I hope this works out for you.

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cant load a previous save already tried and im on survival mode. Will that ensure I can get my loot back? Also I have no idea where I died in space, is there a way to find out? Im super new to this game so, sorry for so many questions.


I believe you are able to see your gravemarker on your HUD. If you are planet side you might need to get into space first. As long as you are in the same system, you should be able to find it.
I have not had this issue…yet…maybe someone here knows more.


As @sheralmyst stated you should be able to see your grave on Hud and may have to be in space or space station. If you have not done so, try using your analyzer and tagging it if it appears in that view.

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Yummy cake day! :smile:


it’s a glitch in PC version of no man’s sky, try to install new patch from dowload’s section of the website, and report that bug .


There is no gravemarker in survival.