Bug(Or program mishap): Death in space, can't pick up grave items

Yesterday, I died in space after falling off one of the freighters. I took my ship to receive my items back at my grave but when picking up the items, I was not able to. (or just not correctly)
I had alot of valuable stuff(I was holding about 3-4 million units worth of product) and my suit was upgraded to hold alot so the loss was felt.

What was happening exactly?
Well, since I died on foot in space, my grave specifically had all my things from my suit. After flying my ship over the grave, the ship wanted to pick up the inventory from the grave but did not have enough space to receive it all so I received the message “No more room in ship inventory” but I did manage to pick up two items from the grave, I noticed. It went into my ship’s inventory instead of my suit’s inventory. I was able to pick up two items at a time because I only had two slots free in my little ship. The “fix” I had for this was to keep flying over the grave, transferring the inventory from my ship to my suit, make a U-turn, repeat. Eventually I picked up everything but the process took a few minutes to do.

What could be better?
When the ship fly’s over a player grave, somehow identify if the inventory should go in the ship or back in the suit.


Hi if you have not landed you could reload the save from when you respawned, clear the ship and then fly out. If Yr manual save is not too far back that is also an option. Anything collected while in ship goes in your ship unfortunately.

Edit: sorry, seeing this was nine hours ago only now. Hope you recovered from the loss of items.

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No worries at all. I did think if that, however, the option for loading a previous save was not available. I think it may have to do with the fact that I was playing multiplayer and so loading a past save while trying to be in-sync with another player wouldn’t work out. I’m guessing that is why but I can’t be sure as I have not tested this theory out yet to be sure. If anyone else has, hopefully they comment about it here.

I had this happen, another player came into my game, I landed on his freighter and he warped it out of the system, The game took me with him but when we entered into the system I fell into space and died, I respawned back in the space station, went to my grave but wouldn’t let me collect anything, I thought he may have robbed my grave whilst I respawned (if this is even possible?), so I exited back to the main menu and reloaded my save, I was back in my original system and my grave was showing so I went to it but had to clear out my ship inventory to my suit to be able to get my stuff back…phew lol