Dying & Respawn at Crash Site

PC Normal Mode, fresh save with BEYOND.

On the 7th, I was collecting larval core at an abandoned building, and then heading to my starship running for my life as the monstrosities pursued, and I almost got there when I died.

Upon regeneration, I found myself in a strange new location on the same planet with no grave icon anywhere in sight but still had all my inventory and also had the larval core I had collected. I was standing beside my ship at an empty crash site - that kinda resembled what our starting crash site looks like when we first spawn to life as a Traveller.

It was odd, my ship was on fire and its Launch Thruster damaged.

The day before, on the 6th, I dropped a base computer on this planet and went Diplo riding. I also killed a Diplo to see what I would get from it. Which wasn’t Diplo Chunks, it was Ground Meat. But that would’t be related, no? :thinking:

These are the pictures I grabbed, was night but I moved the sun, no storms during any of this…

Have you had this happen?

Any ideas? - What’s your story?


I’ve not had this happen, but it’s pretty clear what’s going on. NMS thought your ship got shot down, not that you died on foot. If your ship is destroyed close to a planet, you don’t respawn at the space station, but at a crash site, in exactly the manner you described.
Obviously, this shouldn’t be happening if you’re dying on your feet. So the question would be:

Just how close did you make it? were you already in the process of entering at the moment of death? In that case, I could easily see this being behaviour resulting from the state switch of the player from “outside” to “inside” occurring earlier than the player thinks it does, in which case it should be perfectly reproducible and probably pretty easy to fix.
If not, there’s some state confusion going on somewhere, which will probably be harder to reproduce or track down, and might be too rare to even fix…


I sounds like a bug where it thought you were shot down instead of eaten by monstrosities like @jedidia had described . Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened to me (its been a few versions since I have died.)

However, I did have to say that I like your starship. Good find!


I had this happen to me before as I was holding square to enter my ship. Can’t remember what killed me, either the elements or something wicked and vicious.


That is exactly my suspicion…