Ships On Fire

Don’t feel too bad. This one set itself ablaze on the Nexus, in front of everyone :flushed: :grin:


But that Gek seemed so perfectly honest! And they smelled so lovely! :swoon:

Oh! --! :laughing:

@sheralmyst, You get that from a beaky, sweet-talking sweet-smelling Used-Ship Dealer? How embarrassing! Must’ve used the same opiate gas packets on all of us. :joy:


Oh no. This one was not mine. :+1:


…old man waves fist…

These BEYOND era ellectrical components just don’t match up to the old equipment.
Ahh… those were the days.
When I was a lad, you never saw an Iron powered pulse-drive go up in flames unless the ship was a wreck.
This new fangled tech is just rubbish. Modern granades can’t even make a hole in the ground! And who stole all my Iridium deposits!
Now where’s my heridium-plated zinc container so I can recharge my suit.


Just use carbon, man, it’s still around and it’s cheaper. Oh wait, that don’t work anymore either. What dumbass invented this new “Oxygen” thing? Never needed oxygen before in my life! :stuck_out_tongue:


It happens to all my ships with or without warp fuel.

I do all my warping with my large fighter, & it flames.
It even happened to my Hauler the other day, too. :grin:

Same for me, too. Which was my above fighter.
But it does also happen to my other ships, too.

Usually it’s just 1 ship, sometimes though it’s 2.
But then again, I did claim 2 crashed starships.

My ships combust on load regardless of main ship, and the main one combusts, too.

And I could be wrong, but I’ve noticed that I seem to only see this occur when reloading or 1st entering the game when on my freighter. I don’t think it occurs when I reload or 1st enter the game when on a planet.

And so when I then fly to my freighter, all seems to be peachy.

Well, except for that time…

I’ve been doing a :crazy_face: crazy amount of cooking in my freighter base, so all my inventories are bursting with food - and so I’ve been off to milk, and gather eggs, and plants, and hunting creatures for their meat, and well - my freighter probably smells really good. :cupcake: :blush:


Or really bad… smells tend to linger in spacecraft for a really long time! :grin:


Kids these days don’t know. In my day we had to walk 2000u in the snow just to find some thamium-9. They don’t appreciate what they have nor respect what was lost :wink:


Especially… :garlic::onion: Solidified Grease Pie with Devilled Organs

chitterlings: aka chitlins; a delicacy made of fried pig intestines
well loved throughout the south of Euclid - smells like faecium

Although, :moon_cake:

❝Haunted Chocolate Dreams❞ could be a dice in the mirror :game_die:


I wonder…

Based on everything stated thus far,

  • Is this an exclusively “Claimed Crashed Starship & Freighter Bug”?

  • Affecting all crashed starships -or- those reloaded before fixing Launch Thruster?

  • Cause related to v2.0 ship-size increase -or- later / earlier build -or- other? :thinking:

Can anyone help confirm these questions?

Btw, :clap: :clap: :clap: way to go on all the effort here — Mind-blown!


2 out of 3 ships burning - and this time not my fighter :small_airplane:

never reloaded - just died on a planet during the Artemis quest

eventually flew my fighter to my freighter and this is what I saw


I have only 2 crashed starships and they are indeed on fire, however, my other 2 flaming beauties were purchased.



  • How many of the 4 flame at once?

  • Are thrusters on the 2 crashed repaired?

  • Repaired on site or in freighter?



  • :fire: Flaming always on the same landing-pads?
  • Or sometimes on different pads?

Could also be pad related. :face_with_monocle:


Always the left back 2 pads - I think

Btw, these were the 2 pads my crashed ships were on when they 1st showed up in my freighter

My fighter pics were placed out of order taken,
Was actually 1st sitting on furthest back left pad,
Then started pics after exiting freighter,
And finished pics once landed on closest pad.


Only one ship burning so far … :crossed_fingers:

Ok, I was wrong. The new one I traded up to, also on logging in, burst into flames.

It was on a different spot in the freighter.

I tried adding a warp fuel. Re-logged, still in flames.

Freighter is fine,

Hauler (which I bought outright before I got the first crashed ship (an explorer) that I traded up).

Can’t remember if I fixed the launcher in the crashed ship. I doubt it.


Permadeath save (PS4).

Original Radiant Pillar on pad 1, landing bay one is aflame. Few modules and upgrades and fully fuelled.
Turbine wing hauler pad 2 landing bay one is aflame. Standard upgrades and fully fueled. Was purchased at Trading Post

Exotic orb still fine and is my main use ship.

Only 3 ships I’ve ever owned in this save.


Are 2 aflame or only 1?


No crashed ship ever owned? — If not, this issue might have stepped beyond the realm of crashed ships. Or perhaps you interacted with a crashed ship but didn’t claim it? And thus is related to the most basic “distress beacon”, “dialog” or other interaction? — Hard to say.


I personally do not experience the issue, but decided to do a test to see what technology requires to be damaged for the fire/sparks to show.

The following main technologies were exclusively given damage:

Name ID Result
Pulse Engine ^SHIPJUMP1 Nothing visual, required repair
Launch Thruster ^LAUNCHER On fire/sparkling, required repair
Hyper Drive ^HYPERDRIVE Nothing visual, required repair
Deflector Shield ^SHIPSHIELD Nothing visual, audible ‘shields down’ required recharge

So the Launch Thruster appears to be the technology causing the fire/sparks. None of the other main technologies caused this to happen. I doubt any other technology would be involved, so I have not tested those for damage results.

Repairing the Launch Thruster fixed the ship and fire/sparks were gone.


The Launch Thruster is suspect. Considering I do not personally experience the issue, I am unsure how to reproduce the issue reported here. My results will therefor likely differ from those experiencing this bug. Will do some further research when I do actually run into the issue myself.

I do however suspect that the fire/sparks are visually fixed initially (purchasing crashed ship), but the ‘DamageFactor’ for the ‘Launch Thruster’ that is supposed to be saved, may not be updated correctly? It is just odd how it appears to randomly happen, while also being able to ‘jump ship’.


The “jump ship” part is what causes me to speculate connections with the “landing-pad”.

The question would be, “Why?” — And the exact trigger - might just be out of our scope.


But how does a pad inherit a ship value? or interaction detail? — Ship positioning? Sure!