Death by Ship Combat in the Space Anomaly 🤑 leads to Millions

I was headed to the Space Anomaly, to do part of the Artemis quest. And as I was getting out of my ship, I heard shooting break out in all directions, and I thought, “What is going on!?” :confused:

I looked around, but I could not understand — So I set off to talk with Nada and Polo. And when I was done, I saw a ship flying around in the Space Anomaly.

It was a funny and wild experience, they were flying back and forth. :rofl:

Players where jumping and trying to weigh the ship down, to get it to land.

They kept screaming, :scream: “No!” “Weigh him down, stop him!”

And one of them was a VR player, and they came over and were trying to get me to participate in this madness. So… I did.

As the pilot of this ship was shooting like a crazed and mad lunatic, and shots echoed through the barriers of this anomalous and secret space society, I wondered…

“Can a person get killed in the Space Anomaly?”

And that’s when I found out. :cry:

Now, being as I’ve never died in the Space Anomaly before, it can get one to thinking, “Were do they put the grave when that happens?” I was on a quest to find out.

I saw my grave floating above me, and I was like, “How do I get to that?” And to my astonishment, the walls to the Anomaly were missing, although the only way to land was by flying through the entrance.

And upon entering, I saw my grave on a distant wall.

As I stood beneath it, I saw that it was glowing and quite large.

And so I flew up to it and retrieved my inventory…

And it was then that I suddenly realized what just happened in that single instance… I realized that a fellow Traveller had gifted me a massive stack of…

40 Fusion Ignitors!

1 stack of 5 = $78,000,000 x 8 stacks = ‭$624,000,000‬ :astonished:

Thank you, u/xiangjiaojun2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  • Mad Flight in the Anomaly
  • Ship Combat in the Anomaly
  • Death in the Anomaly
  • Anomaly Walls Missing - upon regeneration

Now… “What to buy?” :thinking: :thought_balloon:


How about… everything? :smile:

That’s one wild story. I wonder how that player managed to get control of his ship in the anomaly, because that would be the origin of the bug. Some people at HG are probably scratching their heads right now…

Also, that shot of you jetpacking towards the flying ship looks badass!


I guess your accidental assailant felt guilty and put up a Go Fund Me campaign in your honor. :laughing:
This is good info. Thanks for sharing!


Looking at that particular screenshot again, because it’s so badass, I realise that the interaction icon is visible. I wonder what would have happened…


Absolutely spellbinding story well told! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Being more than slightly avaricious, I kept waiting for where the "millions’ were going to come from. Superb payoff! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Congrats on your super deaths and your increased prosperity. :fireworks:


This is the best kind of story. Acts of kindness in a - kzzkt- and crazy sim.