[bug+manual fix] Ship getting stuck in Anomaly during Polo Transmissions

Just had this happen to me and used the same bug to escape from certain death and/or save reload.

If you accept the transmission to chat with Polo to deliver Hex Cores (or I guess any transmission conversation?), you may find yourself drifting towards the anomaly as you do.

While in this conversation your ship is in an invincible state and will essentially phase through anything, if you exit the conversation you may find yourself unfortunately stuck inside something, something like the anomaly you just summoned to have a chat with.

Fortunately you can just contact polo again as if to hand in more Hex cores and use the same trick to phase back out.


Ah, thanks for the explanation of what I experienced, I left the anomaly and found myself with a big sharp-angled structure stuck in front of my ship, though only when I was pointing in one direction. Confused the cr*p out of me when outrunning a hostile scan, thought I was just flying round in circles. Became a shadowy outline when entering planetary atmosphere, but reappeared after I took off again. Could pick a target to auto-pilot to through it though.