[fixed with 1.59] Stuck on community event week one loop

Edit: The landing issue and community event loop dont seem to be directly connected, think I was just very unlucky for the two to occur together frequently, no longer having this issue. Changed title to reflect ongoing issue with community event which seems to be the case for anybody on console and non experimental builds, which is good news. Stronger in Solidarity and all that :blush:

So my ship refuses to land anywhere on a planet, even in those green circles and landing pads, it won’t get pulled in by freighter or space station or Anomaly tractor beams and a reload does not fix it.

I have had this problem ever since the community event reset to week one when the timer ended and now it loops, every time I enter a new system I get same message from polo from day one of week one, points me to a new portal in each system.

Filed to zendesk.

Anyone else experiencing issues with community event?

To clarify.

I was online when timer hit zero, but had warped to a fresh system without an Anomaly station five minutes beforehand to waif. Polo contacted me as soon as it hit zero, I realised the message was identical to the first week but thought nothing of it, went to marked portal and ended up on same planet from last week. Looked around but only got salvaged tech 3-4 on each dig meaning the quicksilver trade items weren’t active (you only get one or two salvaged tech when they are) so I went back through portal, saved on a planet in a different system and quit out. This landing issue has been present since I reloaded.

(and yes I checked the Square button on controller isn’t broken :wink: )

Edit: another issue that has arisen is, any portal I go to now even ones I newly discover myself, will only let me input polo’s portal glyphs, whereas last week once I had one portal set to polo’s glyphs, I could use other portals regularly. Now I can’t set any portal to a custom address and have opened several portals up to polo’s glyphs in an attempt to shake this.

The landing bug disappears when I reload from a fresh console restart, but reappears as soon as I enter space and accept polo’s transmission. If I set the active mission to somethung else, this does not occur but portals will still only give me polo glyph option.

I decided to open up my new save which I have not played in over a week, meaning I never started week one with this save. Upon loading and exploring this save a bit, I am not getting any transmission from polo, I do not have the anomaly as a primary mission either, so seems I’ve uncovered another bug for saves that did not participate in week one. You are locked out from Anomaly, completely.


I didn’t participate to avoid bugs and I’m now possibly going to be bugged for not joining in.
Great! :roll_eyes:

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You’re not the only one having this issue. Might want to keep an eye on this topic and see if anyone finds a good workaround until fixed:

Occasionally can’t land my ship (NMS - Steam Community Forum)


I have been having an issue with occasionally not being able to land for several weeks now. It started well before the community events.

Not being able to land means you can’t save - in some cases, crashing out of the game at that point can lose you a lot of progress.

In my case, I have found that I can still land in a space station. Leaving my ship to create a save at that point, shutting down, and re-starting solves the problem.

However, what @toddumptious is describing sounds rather different, and more serious.


The space station thing seems to be a once off but I hit an even stranger bug now while trying to fix polos portal glyph been stuck on a loop.

Ended up on the other side of a portal, no ship and no way back through portal as was deactivated. All fairly common problems so far, but here’s the strangest part.

I was on an exotic planet, populated by creatures :confused:

Think ill wait for the next patch and file a few of these to zendesk for now :smirk:


My community event reset…I was able to get 25 more hex cores and then my game went right back to not spawning any at all…I was able to get another 2k qicksilver initial payout there…that’s about it. I ended up getting some hex cores from a friend to duplicate enough to get the helmet a few days ago because I had no other choice since my event is completely refusing to spawn them like it should for me. Haven’t had any other issues.

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For me the exact same event came up, the mission in the log still states week 1 of 8. However, the tech modules do not give me hex cores at all, just salvaged techs.


Yeah it’s seeming like we will have to wait for a physical patch before the new week actually starts for us non experimental pc and console folk.

Which is kind of counterproductive when you consider xbl and psn certification wait periods, I thought would be all in the last patch but time locked, but I guess that’s not the case. Probably due to datamining fears ruining the surprises? Even though I’ve heard a lot of emotes were data mined soon as next came out.

I changed the name to just community loop since the landing bug has not troubled me for some time and seems to be unrelated and just a matter of corelation.

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