Bug(Or program mishap): Friends can't land on exterior freighter landing pads

A friend tried to land on one of my exterior freighter pads but it would not let him. Not sure if this is a bug or if there is something I have to do to allow friends to land on them but I have yet to find a solution in-game.

@Jupiter.blues: I have added this topic to the NMS, Bugs & Issues category.

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Well, you can only land on frigates you own… It seems like an intentional limitation to avoid the “article-suggested-mechanic” of sending your buddies out into oblivion from the bridge of your freighter.


That’s what I was thinking too, I’m sure someone will not realise that was speculation on the media’s part and start a new lies list :roll_eyes:

Edit: was just thinkinf they could avoid this issue by treating it like calling a freighter when friends are on board (they fade to white and appear in space on board their ship).

So here’s hoping they do that and let us land there soon.

Actually come to think of it, the trailer did show two on board a frigate :thinking: guess it is a bug or was too buggy to begin with so it’s locked off until stable.

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This is why the gaming comunity is important to provide feedback as soon as possible. Hopefully they handle it soon. I know they are hard at work on the PC version.

It’s very bare-bones at the moment… The foundations are there, though! I love the “Fallout Shelter” logs of their adventures, but I don’t think they actually “do” anything when they go out there.
Also… Some invisible walls and doors that don’t open, make the frigates a “placeholder” almost, for things to come… Or intrepid souls to mod upon.
It’s very apparent they have things in mind for them, and it seems our beloved game has a bright future ahead of it, after all!


I agree. I noticed the locked doors also. Many games now-a-days that have doors that don’t open use them as placeholders for something to come later on.