Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback

Hey everyone, community events are finally here and figured we could use a place to discuss them.

So far I’ve handed in the first twenty five hex cores and I think, though had not tested it personally, I may have some advice for those who have yet to start.

When you get your first twenty five hex cores, keep digging for more. Upon returning to Polo and handing in the first twenty five hex cores, not every buried Tech is guaranteed to have hex cores and you only seem to get one at a time when you do (correction:you can still recieve multiple cores from one buried Tech) , so it might be of your benefit to dig up quite a lot on the first run, since initially they all seem to give multiple hex cores for every buried tech you find(or I got lucky??)

Maybe someone can verify if tis works or if the bonanza stops as soon as you collect your 25th Hex Core?

I was also wondering if anyone can clarify on quicksilver payments after the initial delivery?

Once you deliver your first twenty five, you get 2000 quicksilver. Afterwards you can deliver hex cores in quantities of 1, 25, and 50.

I know delivering one by itself gives you 25 quicksilver. So I’m wondering will 25 being delivered still give you 2000QS or will it give 625QS(25QS X 25) and what of fifty? (edit to confirm no benefit to delivering larger quantities , a single hex is always worth 25 quicksilver after the initial quest, delivering 50 gives you 1250QS)

Just curious if it’s better off delivering in bulk still or if that initial delivery payment was just a nice kickstarter.

Enjoying the event so far, beautiful planet with some very helpful comm balls from the community marking S class stuff if you follow them :slight_smile:

Here’s some background information on Nada and Polo’s new friend plus a screen of their very strange counter top inventory :slight_smile:


Hi Toddumptious,

Thanks for the info. I have to get to work and will read later but do I go to any anomaly to get this event quest? I love digging up salvage tech anyway so this will be even more fun!

Thanks, and Happy Traveling!

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Yes upon loading your game you will have a new primary mission stating to go to space and contact Anomaly. Polo will contact you via ship communicator and give you the coordinates to nearest portal in system. Once there you will have the option to visit the address given by polo. I believe you don’t actually have to board the Anomaly itself until you have collected enough items to fulfil the quest.


When I visited the community event system there were many comm balls near the portal. I quit the game and returned later to find a similar number of comm balls, but almost all were in different locations. I figure that there is a maximum number the game can render and they randomly pick a more manageable selection from a larger set.

Maybe that would explain the missing player bases at the Galactic Hub - there are just too many bases for the game to show them.

An odd comball related issue I had upon returning to my own world through the community event portal was, I was still recieving comm ball messages at my portal entrance as if I was still at the event planets portal entrance. It stopped happening shortly after though.

All I remember is coming back home through the portal and being greeted by the message “PURE LIQUID FOOTBALL BOIS” and I just burst out laughing.


So cool - first monument ever [since playing NMS 2yrs ago] built during the community event - thanks NuclearPotato


Oh nice! How exciting. Can’t wait to get off work and play tonight😁. Thank you and have fun!

I had that as well…“MY MOM IS A NICE PERSON, IS YOURS?” is what I saw…


Sadly I can confirm that it stops giving any cores after the first 25. You have to hand that first group in, which will activate the 2nd lower-payout phase.

For me it didn’t activate immediately, possibly because the Anomaly was already in the system. I visited and finished any current Nada & Polo stuff, then when I was flying back to my base it finally activated.


Just did the weekly event from Eissentam without issue. Once through the portal I only found 1 Monument. Everything else looked empty, perhaps due to playing fully offline.

Placed a Comm Station and went digging around …

Got lucky at one location, with 2 of them in the same spot.

Was not too hard getting the first 25 … After handing them in and buying items from the end of the list up, I left again. Noticed I could continue after speaking with Polo again in space, so I did. Just this time around I only got one Hex Core each, if lucky because some started giving Buried Technology.

Managed to discover all creatures on said planet, which is nice as I am at the Polo quest to fully discover 10 planets, now at 3. While digging around, I all of a sudden noticed loads of icons. Mostly comm stations seemingly near the portal I arrived. Noticed Base icons as well and wondered how that would be possible. After checking out a few, they appear to all belong to people, considering how they were named. Also noticed there not being any actual base, just the computer. All these bases actually have a flat area, so I assume these are all pre-Next bases. Did not mess with those and left to hand in some more Hex Cores …

Noticed the reward being low, requiring a whole lot of digging. 50 more netting me only 1250 QS, yay … a couple more to go … Maybe the economy type makes a diff? Doubt it … Just more grind, but at least makes the burried stuff useful again :wink:

Oh, and after I had a bit of a break, returning to my save, I noticed all comm station icons to have disappeared again. Went back to the portal, just to notice one new Monument, but the other now gone. Apart from base icons, all looked empty once more … No clue why, but likely due to network discoveries being offline again or something.


I was correct, because after a reload it looked like this :slight_smile:

Happy hunting everyone :moneybag:


Interesting to note, how after returning through the portal, I ended up in another new system, different planet. For some reason I did not go back the way I came, hmm …


Ok, I guess I will have to reload my backup, because something is not right! It shows the following in my Galaxy Map (Note, I renamed the system as a new discovery). I can see a list of things with the system that seems familiar, however, nothing discovered there, all brand new to me.

Then went ot the Space Station to check the Teleporter, to find the following:

Yay me! NOT!!! I wonder what galaxy I am in? Warped to another system and lo and behold

I have discovered a way to get back to Euclid I guess!

Not too happy about this though … all this time wasted unless I find a quick way back to Eissentam to continue my play there.

I fixed it with my save editor, so I did not waste any time.
See Bug Report and save editor solution here:


Anyone able to place the event statues inside? I tried in my Freighter, in my Home (all new building parts), and in my Ring Base which has the pre-NEXT building parts, but none of the statues can be placed, unless outside. The decals do however appear to work fine. Is it really intended for those statues to be outside? I guess I’ll have to make some sort of outside area for them instead …


Couldn’t yet participate due to a small farewell party at my workplace that put me out of action rather efficiently for the entire evening yesterday…

From what I’ve seen this is on a lush planet, in Euclid… which means I’ll be having the sentinels after me for the whole thing. Oh well, I guess challenge is why I play survival mode, after all…


[Edit: i stand corrected apologies for mis-info/fake news]

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The system is on the galactic map (galactic coords: 084E:009D:07F8:003B, portal address: 003B1EFF904F). I also managed to aggro the sentinels a few times from mining too much. Maybe the main planet is just one of those extremely rare ones in survival without aggressive sentinels or storms? Then again you could be right, and they may be able to customize things like that for these events.


Normal sentinel behaviour on temperate planets in survival mode is shoot on sight… :wink:
Or rather, shoot on identification. They still scan you before opening fire, but they will open fire as soon they’ve scanned you.
I’ve heard there’s rare exceptions to this rule, but in Euclid I have never found a temperate planet where the sentinels were ok with just my presence. Found a few in Budulangr, though.


I got the community quest right after this latest update. When I reached space, a message on the comm in my ship, and then a pointer to a portal. I did not look for or go to a anomaly. Straight to the portal. Now I’m wondering what will happen, this is my first portal in NEXT. When I got to the other planet, I was shocked to see my ship there. And so many comm balls. And a player who was a orb like pre-next. And another in the distance flying around in their ship. Well, I didn’t do any digging, had to step back through the portal to see if I would get right back where I was, and my ship was there waiting for me. I’ll do this again later, I had to see if every thing was going to work right.


@DevilinPixy the value drops after your first twenty five and the 2000QS kickstarter bundle Polo gives you as an introduction. Afterwards buried Tech may or may not give hex cores.

I thought as well at first it only gave one hex core each time but its just slow to update the number in the GUI, if you keep an eye on it sometimes that one will go up to 2 or 3, so it’s not as grindy as it appears :slight_smile: still though you only get 25qs per hex core after the initial quest, and delivering in bulk gives no bonus QS.


Finally got around to earning my 2000 Quicksilver. And a few walker brains. Things got a bit tense…


I noticed that all the Manufacturer doors where wide open on this planet we where sent to , got a couple products.

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