How did you die?

My first death was from an altercation with Sentinels who too umbrage at my curiosity about those bumpy pin balls scattered in a clumps of 8 to 10 over the landscape:

I thought to myself.“You guys wait until I get my scatterblaster!”

Alas, the scatterblaster ain’t what it used to be:

One week later …

:sigh: Wasn’t sure if the Sentinels had taken me down faster than I could get off what I had imagined would take me the three shots to end their tyranny. But perhaps they had some help from the pretty pink balls I was standing in the middle of, whose bumps suddenly turned into long sharp spikes, similar to those of Terra’s Sea Urchins --only six feet long!.

This time, I reloaded.

Then after spending a couple of delightful days roaming on foot on a hot planet that didn’t peel the skin off my bones, even during infrequent torrential storms, I was caught in the open by a predator.

I thought, "Ahah! No prickly plants to aid you my pet! And (after photographing the beast for posterity and profit) I whipped out my scatterblaster:

When I ran back to get my stuff from my corpse, it almost got me again. I had two pixels of health left when it finally went down and I harvested its livers for future gustatory temptations. Whew.

Needless to say, I thoroughly overestimated the damage my scatterblaster could do. Time to seek out some update enhancements. Or maybe try the Blaze Javelin.


How about you? Got any good “How I Died…” stories?


It’s almost worth the pains of death just for the quotes. :smile:
And we still have not answered the mystery of why the sentinels are so protective of certain things.


My first and only death so far in new playthrough was my own damn fault for being a show off.

I was streaming and had a bit of an audience asking to see what walkers were like now that ships are bigger.

Many sentinels, quads and walkers later I got cocky and distracted and hit the dirt from a jetpack lunge, took a huge hit from the impact then took a walker beam straight to the travelley bits.

Will share the footage here when I come across it in my edits :slight_smile:


That would be unscrewing the inscrutable for sure!


Was already one of my three health points down, took a fall and got my shields bashed by it. Not thinking much about it I merrily ran through the landscape mining from the hip, when bam a clappy closed around me. With my shields down, that meant down to one health point now.

Ok, take a deep breath, wait for shields to recharge, find a nice place in some large caves, drop a base computer, go spelunking around, when suddenly there’s a bunch of predator markers around me. But not to worry, they’re savely outside the cave. But hey, I don’t know them yet, so let’s get up there and scan them!
Dug myself out, emerging right in the middle of a bunch of them like the cornucopia in the hungergames, realised that I still didn’t have a shield upgrade, and after two bites realised that oh, right, I was down to one hit point, thanks for reminding me…

At least I got a terry pratchet quote…


:gun: 1 :foot:


Too bad you didn’t get a screen gab of that one. pTerry’s quotes are always awesome.

Sometimes I think if some of us really had to survie in these situations… --we wouldn’t. lol

Hmm… that looks like Iconese for “Shot myself in the foot (w/ a grenade --a BIG grenade!)”.

Hooray for ignoble ends! :joy:


…the reason you never install those in permadeath…:grin:


I run like hell away from death. Have not had it happen yet!


I’ve so far managed to not get dead …admittedly most of my time since BEYOND has been spent in well equipped existing saves :muscle: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :dagger:

Almost got munched by some monstrosities on a dead world. They are somewhat tougher than before. Unless you like reading death quotes, don’t stir them up on a fresh game :rabbit2:


Too late! >.>

Didn’t die though I only got four egg thingies. Too much work! Hahah


I died when I first started vr- too busy spinning around and looking at my hands and the planet I was on. Flat out ignored the suit warning- ugly screenshot incoming:


Well, it finally happened. It is always the way my first death happens. Weapons Research mission. I knew the Vy’Keen was trouble the moment I laid eyes on him.
At least I died at home, in tranquil surroundings.

I really cannot fight Walkers…this is the only mission and the only part of NMS that I do not like.

I will have all the quotes before long. :angry:

You better know it! You stinkin’…bringin’ all this trouble on me! :laughing:


Oh no!

:sympathy: :heart:


With walkers I try to move continually sideways to keep the leg armour in target and use a combo of plasma launcher and boltcaster…but mostly boltcaster. Make sure you have plenty of ammo and reload in spare moments rather than once it runs dry. Good shielding is a must.
I ignore the drones once a walker is on the scene but I always give any quads the plasma treatment.
I’ve found that you can’t really hide or jetpack efficiently in combat with a walker so I just try to take them down as quickly as possible.
If they throw a tantrum and start stomping and launching plasma then I melee jetpack out of range.
Now I read this… I wonder why I even go near them :roll_eyes: …do I really need a Conflict Scanner that much? :sweat_smile:


I shoot off the leg armor, then run up under them and shoot straight up. :laughing: Unconventional. But I believe in taking advantage of my small stature.
The problem for me with this mission is it is early in the game and my shielding etc…not so good yet.
I also find that even bushes can block my shots and reloading the plasma launcher is difficult when trying to melee/boost and jet out of the line of fire.
I always seem to finally succeed. :sweat:


With walkers, I stand my ground until the big laser comes. Then, I usually do a “Boba Fett” style jetpack-while-firing move to dodge the big beam.

I usually handle the little guys before the walker, by losing the walker around the other side of a large object. The regular sentinels drones can heal other sentinels.


We need to pack hunt walkers until we all have a wlakder brain or two. lol


Not the with the way I fire plasma rounds. :sparkler: :dizzy_face:


Point taken. :scream: