Multi-Tools 🔫

If anyone can pull it off, they’ll certainly be 1st.
Here’s shouting at you @Redmas. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

@SingularGleam, @ThrashNeon and any others, keep investigating v1.5. Consistency, options and ideas. Maybe potential loop holes and workarounds? Or am I just being a bit too naughty? Cause it’s clear that we really do need to understand the order of things. Gotta make this work for all.

While I’m posting seeds, just jump right in there, share findings and we’ll multi-track conversations.

The other thing about coordinates is many don’t want to give those out, cause they desire a level of privacy. Many don’t want random encounters. Co-Op is still new with v1.5 and it’s not for everyone.

Meanwhile, “In a galaxy far, far away…”

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Alien Multi-Tools 👽 ❝Made with Flesh❞

Those are very beautiful discoveries. :star_struck: Here’s a few I’ve managed to dig up…

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Seed: 0x82039F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


Seed: 0x82639F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


Seed: 0x82839F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


But, a death quote!? - Certainly, I thought I had that. - Man.

Perhaps I should update :blush: all this "Obsolete Technology".

📝 click

Confession… I shot a drone just to provoke it. Once he came near, I then grenade launched it to demonstrate the MT and got ambushed by reinforcements w/ armor plating. I further refused to turn down! - Ya, how I died, about that, moving on, lol


I’m really enjoying the plasma launcher…it’s very deadly so you HAVE to make sure you install a mod that gives it the bouncing trait so that if you missfire it bounces away…aside from that it does an absolute TON of damage to anything it touches…everything that isn’t a walker dies instantly…including you if you don’t make sure you’re far enough away…and fully upgraded it takes down a walker in two hits. I don’t think I missfired with it yet…the first time I blew myself up was trying to open a factory door and I had no idea what killed me as the walkers and the rest struggle to put a dent in my shields much less harm me…as it turns out it was me…I killed myself.

But as long as you’re careful it’s by far the most powerful weapon in your arsenal…kind of like the Fat Man in the Fallout games but more powerful.


Actually, I think you just helped me to better understand how I died. Twice this has happened, and come to think of it, it’s always been with the plasma launcher and in close range. And I always felt I died too sudden. Thank you, now I know.

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lol…that thing will insta-kill you even if you double down on personal shields and install six S class modules for them…though my plasma launcher is also boosted by three S class modules of its own…it does something like over 4500 damage…I specifically tested it after I doubled down on shields just to see if I could survive being caught in its blast area…as it turns out the answer is no.

And for reference this is what the walkers can do me(nothing, and that’s with just 3 personal shield S upgrades, not 6) and what the plasma launcher can do to them:


KhrazeGaming - ❝How to Find S Class Multi-Tools❞ - NEXT v1.5


Maybe they should use a thumbnail image of a less blatantly cheated multitool…just saying.

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Oh, that’s hilarious! I didn’t even see those stats. The famous “Dark Crystal”. I recognize that image as a popular Google search result. I’ve never had any interest in editing that high. And thought I read they put a limit on the base stats, but maybe not. Should test that eventually. Wouldn’t choose to play that way regularly though, but it’d be fun to try such madness. At least as of present, I still don’t personally like to steer too far from vanilla. Could do without the “PvP Hub Greifing” though, but I’m pretty OK with everything else.

Video isn’t bad, he is mistaken with the lack of control on monoliths and NPCs though - you can manipulate them so that anytime you talk to them you get the multitool reward - although it is time consuming. Simply chat up or visit monoliths (saving beforehand) until you get a multitool - if it’s not one you like - reload and move to the next monolith/alien race. It’s possible to get all races offering you a multitool anytime you find one that has the reward dialogue.
Side note - the monoliths are race specific, once you’ve got a Korvax monolith always rewarding a tool -all Korvax monoliths will.

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In one system… Once you’ve got a Korvax monolith or NPC always rewarding a tool - Will all Korvax monoliths or NPCs do likewise …In all systems?

Another way of putting it…

As long as I save before the multi-tool interaction, then keep reloading after each new interaction… Can I warp elsewhere and continue where I left off, with a specific alien?

Also, if I turn off the game and return later, can I continue where I left off?

Yep, carries across galaxies too - or at least it did, haven’t left Euclid in next.
Edit: if you take a mission that has you interact with an alien race - like the missing persons one, it will break the chain

Edit 2 - I don’t know if the ones who offer missions now affect the loop - haven’t messed with them much, but I would guess so as you choose a dialogue option that isn’t reward related

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Elapse in Time

Unless anything new is uncovered, in regard to the “search n’ find” process of discovery… As of NEXT v1.5… I think based on everything discussed above, :mag: we can assume the subject is well covered.

Although you caught on to seeds being only usable on PC and deleted your comment, you did however inspire me to dig a little deeper though, into that specific multi-tool, since the “video thumbnail image” we were discussing briefly above, is where I got that seed and originates from this Reddit post…


Quoting from the opening post… Published August 4, 2017…

Comments continued… This guy discovered it; Other posted it.

Mods, Editors & Seeds are a sorta perk for putting down the extra cash on an expensive gaming PC.

Click for "Self-Control & Freewill" - What do you want from this game?

Are mods and editors a cheat? :man_shrugging: Is Creative mode too low effort?
The reality is this, NMS is whatever you want it to be. Play & Smile!

So if you’re not competing, then how are you cheating, you cheat against your own self. An unfair advantage in co-op multiplayer, would be giving yourself everything, spoiling it for nobody but yourself.

So when it comes to mods, editors, seeds, coordinates and game modes likewise, ask yourself what you want from this game. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. But doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. With so much customization and so many options before us, one can only strive toward self-control, even wrestling with freewill. And ya, whatever that means for each person, lol.

Armed with that reasoning, you may now proceed…

Experimental Pistol Multi-Tools

I can think of no other tool more under-valued than the little pistols. - Can you?

But pistols do have an advantage over every other multi-tool… More Challenge!

If you think you’re hot stuff, :fire: set out in NMS with only 10 tech slots or less. Try it!

In fact, I dare you to go at it with a C class. Actually, why upgrade in the 1st place?

And suddenly pistols and C class start to not seem so bad anymore. :heart: Adorable.

But why are you squirming in your seat? Too challenging? - NMS is what you make it!

(Btw, The above design reminds me of a Ladybug!)

Seed: 0x84339F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


❝Gift of War❞ isn’t your thing? - What about ❝Destroyer of the Abyss❞ ?

Seed: 0x85639F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


Seed: 0x85739F9F9754D6C6 - Enjoy!


I searched on and off, and finally found my S version of the multitool I posted earlier. I haven’t started the upgrade process, but I have systems marked that sell the various S modules I want - so won’t be long.

The A while I was rocking it

And the S just after purchase