PS4 Patch 1.51 - S-Class Ships

S Class ships were affected in general, hence all exotics changed.

My Hauler went from this…


To this ugly monstrosity


Most ships only increased minute detail…stuff like fighters getting paint chips and such to make it look like they’re been in fights and so on…but no ships other than the exotics changed drastically…every other ship still had the exact same model, same parts, and same color as before as far as I have noticed…none of my ships besides the exotic underwent a drastic change…none of the others changed wing types or cockpit model or anything else of that sort.

All my ships changed models and wing types except for my fighter. One hauler was pretty much the same and my fighter was instantly recognisable (but a bit more beat up)
Doesn’t matter now for me anyway.
The Atlas won this round and I’m in a new iteration.


All my ships except the exotic were the same and my exotic is not returned to how it was before…hell, even the 48 slot fighter I’ve had since 1.0 has survived all the updates so far relatively intact bar for minor detail like the new bits of detail added to all ships.

I am truly gutted


Make sure to submit a bug report and include the pictures.

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Who knows. It’s just luck of the draw I guess.
I’ve moved on and from now on, next time there is a huge update I’m just going to start again.
I’ve had bad luck with my saves surviving.
Lost one due to the Atlas Rises update glitching out missions and now this 780hr save glitched due to corruption not liking the update.
Its cool. I play for fun so I figure I got my $ worth out of my old game…just a shame that’s all.

Time to experience it in fresh new style.

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Oh and all my ships except the fighter from 1.0 were all S class. So out of my 6 ships, 1 S class was affected and restored( the exotic), 4 S class ships(two haulers, one fighter, one explorer) were unaffected bar the small details, and 1 C-class fighter from 1.0 was also unaffected bar small details. It seems like outside of the exotics the game may have had issues with swapping out specific parts for each other…they were able to restore the exotics in saves already ported forward into NEXT so submitting bug reports(ideally with your save files and pictures included) may very well get your ships fixed.

They are working on fixing saved games that aren’t loading right now…so I hope you didn’t throw out your corrupted saves…I was affected by this too and have thrown out about 20 to 30 hours of play(at least for now) because of saves that no longer load…if they get fixed great, if not I didn’t lose that much…I just fell back to my pre NEXT saves and now am back on the same footing as before losing previous saves. If the glitched ones get fixed I might stick to the current one anyway…this one backing up more often.

I was hit by all the nasty story bugs too in 1.3 that also forced me to throw out about 15 hours of play but there too just reverted to pre 1.3 save and did things again with help of patches and so on and the 2nd time around all went fine. I’ve run into all the worst stuff except this ship madness(for the most part)…falling back on backed up saves helps a lot.

Better to have lost a combined 50 hours or so than to have lost 800+ hours on my main save.

My haulers got stripped down and sold for parts. Before and after.


It’s also possible that my old PS4 has got hardware slowly deteriorating.
We experienced a series of power outages mid last year and several times there were flickers (& probable surges) before the power failed. Each time the PS4 was restarted it was p****d at being shut down incorrectly.
Also, It was around that time I began getting the regular crashes in other games. Possibly related but then again maybe nothing to do with it.

For all I know my console’s memory may be damaged in some way and overtime the saves get more affected.
It has now been fully initialized with just NMS on it for now just to see what happens. It did hiccup once but that’s not unheard of.
I’ll just see what happens. Worst case scenario I buy a brand new console and start again.
I can think of worse things than settling into a brand new NMS dedicated console using my pre- next save file :grin:


Zen desk bug report submitted with a link to imgur for the comparison.

I still have my old save on USB which I’ve offered to them just in case.


You can just zip your save files and put them in like a google drive document you can link in your bug reports…that way if they need your saves they are literally right there.

That’s what I did.

One of my haulers went from a pre-1.5 class S (with class S appearance) to a class S/class C hybrid with a class C appearance. The “general” cargo hold still has 48 slots. When it is up in the window, the ship is identified as class S. The 8 “technology” slots have all disappeared. When viewing them, the ship is identified as a class C.

The two other class S haulers kept their stats and changed color, but the body style did not change. My exotic changed body style and name, which sounds like what has happened to most people. Oddly, my class S fighter is the same style and color, but the new trim looks fantastic. It has a worn appearance, as if it has seen a lot of action.

My 48 slot class C legacy fighter does not seem to have changed at all.

Steam has been slow to load 1.51 and 1.52, so we will see what happens.

I enjoy ship collecting, so I was hoping that the ability to call all your ships anywhere or the external landing pads would open up the way for a few more. I know it’s pure greed, but it’s a game, right? :innocent: I’m just playing a greedy character. :lying_face:

That change was caused by Atlas Rises, not NEXT…what happened was all S class ships from before Atlas Rises did not have any tech slots…so Atlas Rises added an amount of 0 tech slots to all the ships from before…so you could have an S class ship with the general inventory marking it as S class and the tech slot inventory which had 0 slots would show it as class C…because it had none. That’s how that mix of classes S and C was created. I actually replaced all five of my S class ships after Atlas Rises to keep on top of things.

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After reading your post, I went back to my ship configuration worksheets to look at the configurations. You are entirely right. I had to replace all my ships, too. That ship most likely had not yet been upgraded from the Atlas Rises patch, even though the other two had. The change in body style with NEXT made me think it had all been changed. I logged back into the game to see if my ship name reflected this. (It should be called “William C. Mack S48” if it is pre-technology slot. If it was acquired after Atlas Rises, it would be called “William C. Mack 48S8.” Unfortunately, after I logged in again, my class S fighter (Flying Circus 38S12) disappeared while I was standing in the freighter landing area, so I never got the chance to look. I rebooted and reloaded the game, and the fighter was still gone. So I reverted back to the NEXT initialization save (before I called the freighter), saved the game again, then moved to an unused save slot and began from the start. It will be fun to try out being a newbie again until the first few bug fixes come through.

Anyway, it was not a NEXT bug, but an Atlas Rises transition state that I had forgotten about since the hauler was used for storage, anyway. Thanks for the reminder.

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Well ‘fun’ might not describe the first 5 minutes of noobiness as you run around in circles trying not to die. It’s quite stressful as an experienced player suddenly running on empty and trying to adjust to the differences. Sort of fun…bit stressful.

Edit to add link How did you die?


This confirms to me the HG uses the very ambiguos term “S-class” when refering to exotic ships.

Guys, just want to add this: Please get an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPC) unit for your expensive/precious equipment.

I’m a suspenders AND belt kinda person. I have two APC backups that each give me 40 minutes of power, AND will auto shutdown my computer, saving open programs, if I wish. One is on my main computer. The other is on my peripherals and backup servers.

Mal hasn’t got one on his new computer yet and so last night during an unexpected power outage (that lasted until 3 am) his just quit, while mine stayed up until I was sure the power wasn’t coming back on any time soon.

A few days ago we had intermittent power stutters. I’m so grateful for these backups. Three years old and really stable. ::knocks on wood::

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I have this equipment on my main computers but couldn’t really fit it around the game & video TV. We actually disconnect most equipment in storms as the surge goes straight through if a strike is close. I’ve lost one in an electrical storm but the PC plugged into it did survive.