Ship changed after NEXT launch

Before NEXT, i managed to find one of those rare S Class ships everyone was questing for. I wanted a Squid ship, but I never found one. i DiD, however, manage to find one of the “honeycomb” ships(i call it honeycomb based on the hex design on the cockpit. Before NEXT, it had a top fin, nose protrusion and booster covers, now it’s been changed to a different ship. Could I have my ship back or get it put into my Freighter, at some point? i know this is a long shot, but hopefully others had their ships replaced and want their orignal ships back after all the grinding and luck it took to get one.



forgive the haze. it was raining on that planet when i snapped the picture. but you ocan see that it’s a different ship. I didn’t buy a new ship, nor did i restore a crashed ship. i turned the game on one day and the ship was different.

NEW SHiP:37979120_10100203677317327_8892554405673435136_n


Have you installed the updates? Both PS4 update 1.51 and the latest PC updates have fixed the issue with Exotics changing their shape.

Have you installed 1.51? I had the same issue with my exotic(which is the same as yours except it has the the long splitting fin on the bottom as well)…1.51 restored it to the way it was supposed to look.

1.51 is now out on all platforms.

i have indeed; i got them ASAP. that is why i posted 2 different pictures to show the difference.

My exotic has absolutely been fully restored by 1.51…are you sure you installed the patch correctly? Check your game’s information and make sure it says 1.51, not 1.50.

even after the new update of 1.53 to Playstation 4, my ship has still not been restored.