Ships showing differently to different players?

So one of my friends found a trading post that was, for him, consistently spawning S-Class fighters and fairly consistent Exotics. He was saving me an S-Class fighter, and when I joined I discovered that… it was a B-Class for me. With 25 slots compared to the 38 he had on his screen. This happened multiple times with multiple ships, and several restarts and reconnections. The same ship model (with the same name) would appear for both of us, but every time he’d have A or S-Class versions of the ship, whilst I’d only see B or C classes.

Any ideas how to fix this? I could really use an S-Class…



I also saw this phenomenon last night.

Unfortunately, I am not sure there is a fix.


Oh :frowning:
That’s a shame… there’s some very good looking ships appearing here :frowning:

We also noticed that the number and quality of incoming ships decreased when a second player entered. After we went to our separate systems, I found what I was looking for.


I’ve been repeatedly reloading saves in a solo player game since the servers were down on PS4, and still no luck. Always B and C classes :confused:

On the upside, this was the one exception:


The class of each ship is determined when it spawns and every one that pulls into the station is a new spawn…and S class is rare. There’s no way to “fix it” and there’s no easy way to find anything S class. You have to be willing to put in the hours camping in the space station and checking every ship of that type that pulls into the station…your friend got lucky, saw a few S class ships and made the mistake of thinking that “oh, this is how this system works…I’ll just invite people over for easy S class ships”.


I know, but he was able to constantly send me photos of different s-classes landing for him whilst I was seeing them as Bs and Cs, every time. This was for maybe an hour of trying, before I moved to a solo session to try. That’s why we were convinced that there were S-Classes there lol

I guess I was wrong :confused:


The party/lobby play seems to be done peer2peer as far as I can tell and is not being hosted on a server somewhere, I’m guessing they couldn’t get every aspect of the game to be completely synchronous and there are still some elements of asynchronous multiplayer present in the game, ship class being one of them since it must generate the seed from session time vs ship model (this is why people usually suggest, saving at a station and reloading and seeing s class arrive within thirty mins to an hour.

This is not the end of improvements for no mans sky and they will improve multiplayer further with new updates, this has been another big stepping stone but I still don’t think we are at the fully synchronous multiplayer sean said theyd love to reach eventually in a statement just before the game originally launched.

Back then he referred to it as NMS:Online and that what we were getting in August 2016 was just the first step, that the game would be updated freely until they reached this goal(it pained me at launch that not everyone seen this statement and lost their minds when there was no multiplayer at launch even though that spelled it out there wouldn’t be) , and I think the goal is eventually for everyone to be playing together on servers, I just don’t think they’ve got the facilities for it yet.


Is your friend on ps4 and you’re on pc? I think different things show up on the different playing systems.