Ship Spawning Tips


Hey, was wondering if anyone had any tips for ship spawning.

I’ve found a really nice looking fighter in Black with Red accents and I really want it! However, it only ever seems to spawn as a C or B class. I’d even take it as an A class!

I’ve done the load/reload trick and no joy.

I was wondering if visiting a different planet and thus a different Trading Post within the same system would yield any different results?

I’ve camped out at the Trading Post I first saw it, nothing. Camped out in my Freighter, Nein. Camped out in the Space-Station, Niet.

I’m open to suggestions!


I have noticed that some trade stations seem to have better ships than others.

It has been hard for me to prove since they disappear once you’re close, but the “red” trade lines seem to lead to better trade stations.


I would definitely recommend experimenting with different trading posts.
They have faster ship turnover, but might be limited to some models not showing up completely.
I have experienced that in the old GHub, while hunting for this little bird.


The economy also has alot to do with what types, expensive, you see.
Keep track of the pilot’s names to see the different ships they will show.
Space station to trading post to freighter are different, just have a lot of units in you pocket.


As a happy follow up to this post, I visited another planet in the same system and bagged my new fighter at A Class.
I guess this confirms that if you see a ship you like, visit all planets in the system to view class differences, perhaps I could have visited the other planets here and got an S variant but I’m happy with my A.

I took a slot drop from 38 to 29 but it really is that nice I was seriously considering it when I saw it at B Class.

I’ll post a couple of pics of my new black and red beauty very soon!

Thanks all for your help!


Looking forward to seeing your new ride Osh.


Here she is, my new A Class Fighter… The Knightshade


Cool colour scheme.
Sort of looks like an Xwing/tiefighter hybrid.
Nice. Can see why you went the extra mile to get one.


Oh wow ! Cool spaceship!


I’ve found that exotics and S Class ships tend to spawn more in Opulent, Wealthy, Prosperous etc, type economies. Especially immediately after warping into a system. Many, many times I have warped into a system, gone straight to the space station and landed, and the first ship that arrives after me is an exotic. It happened twice yesterday with a 16 slot Squiddie (green, very nice, but my own Squiddie is 19/6, so I took a screenshot and moved on), and again an hour later with another red, ball type exotic with gold trim. I’ve already seen these in other designs so again I moved on. Honestly my tip for good ships is get your economy scanner installed and warp into rich systems, head for the space station and land. If nothing appears within a couple of minutes, take off, warp, and try somewhere else. A note to this - I arrived in a system and landed but I was in my max slot S Class Hauler. A Squiddie landed, 20/6 slots…I couldn’t part with my hauler, so I took off straight away, called my freighter in, swapped ships and headed back over to the space station. An hour and a half later (lol), the Squiddie returned 19/6 this time, so I grabbed it. You can be waiting ages for a ship to return, and the slots and bonuses will always be different, so be prepared and always try to be in a ship you are willing to trade when visiting space stations for the first time. This method only seems to work when you hit the space station immediately after warping in. I hope this helps.


It has been hard for me to prove since they disappear once you’re close, but the “red” trade lines seem to lead to better trade stations.

To see those lines easier, be at an altitude around 100k u, and switch to the photo mode. Click right stick to set the sun behind the planet, making it “night time” on the side you’re looking at. Then when you close photo mode, for a brief second the entire outline of those lines will “flash”, letting you see exactly where they go down to.