Losing Squids from existing save

I reported this Squid ship issue to No Man’s Sky yesterday. I have all four Squid ships in my Freighter before the update, and now they are all gone, and replaced by the large finned exotic ships. They still have the same calimari names I gave them.
I hope I get them back. I worked really hard to get them, with hours of travel by foot time, as well as giving up bases for them.

Also I keep getting people joining my game. I even turned network off, but they can still join. I have picked the first option " Play Game" because it’s the only choice there is besides joining a session which I don’t want to do. So yesterday out of 19 quintillion planets, 8 people joined my game, showed up at my base on my planet. One person came up and rammed into me several times and wouldnt’ leave me alone. Another person made a base less than 1000 feet from mine, obstruction the vew I spent over an hour to find. This is why I loved No Man’s Sky before it went multiplayer so I could find my little place in the universe to claim.

I hope they give us an option so that no one can join our game and they can go find their own planet .



Im hoping for they fix the ship thing too. I lost squids and my favourite haulers.

I had randoms join my game too while looking for a home world. One renamed the planet I was going to make my home lol. Id like to be able to lock players out til I actually want to play mp. edit: without having to go offline.

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My squid ship turned into something that can only be called a golden snitch ship.

If you start your console offline and then fully load into the game you can put your console online again without being in multiplayer. But yeah every patch from now on until they fix it I’m going to keep messaging them about this glitch because they promised us still single player without having to turn off console offline and you can see the text when you do start your console offline so it seems like the option is just hidden for some reason.

Sorry about your ships I know I’d be pissed because I never got a squid ship and I still want one so if I got one right before next I’d be especially mad.

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Hopefully its something they can fix,especially the mp thing. But theres so much more going on Im ok with it.
After the homeworld thing I thought Id build a freighter base instead. Managed to build a farm on it bigger than pre next planet bases and Ive still no clue how much complexity is left. :smiley:

I had 6 ships and all except my Ball Hauler changed into uglier versions. Most flight tech remained but all weapons tech was nerfed.
My long lasting Tall Fins both become ‘Golden Snitches’ thanks (@LordMarkov).
I do like that now you can summon your ships to your home base, traders can once again visit you.

I’ll be interested to see if we can once again find exotics the way we used to or if that has become proc-gen random…

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