Ship Handling in Experimental 1.35

I literally just spent dozens of hours and many tens of millions of credits replacing my S class ship collection to have tech slots…someone please tell me we are not getting screwed AGAIN with 1.35 supposedly adding ship handling. Because so far every single time they made a change to ships we got screwed big time…every…single…time. I genuinely hope that 1.35 properly applies the correct stat to our currently owned ships and we don’t get another brick thrown our way by reducing the handling of all our ships to zero.

As far as i see, the only change seems to be in the description of the “bonuses”. The difference in fly is not so important. But i didn’t try all my ships, my old C class hauler is maybe a bit heavier than my exotic S class but it doesn’t change my life ^^
I’d say don’t worry for you ship then :wink:

Are you playing with experimental 1.35 installed? Because the patch notes say: “Handling is now displayed as a value on the ship statistics screen”

As it is no live, if i can tell you how it appears it’s because i play the experimetal yes :wink:
In the statistics you have the damage, shioeld etc… value and now the last one is for handling. My S class was close to the max (only half for my old hauler). I didn’t notice a big difference in game, maybe during a dog fight we’ll have a better idea about it. Od when landing in a small place.

What I’m asking is what value was added under handling to your S ships? Did they add a zero or did they add an actual value in there?

The value has always been there since 1.3, it’s just made visible now. It’s not a new feature that ships pre 1.35 will be missing like you experienced with tech slots. (post edit: Correction, it seems its only being introduced now, so verdicts out on whether old ships will have it, though I imagine this being added so soon after 1.3, it was in the works and so the ywould have proofed the ships for this, so yr 1.3/1.32/1.34 ships should have them)

In a game that’s supposed to teach you about detaching yourself from things and embracing your insignificance in a very zen way, I’m always taken aback by how worked up people can get when they may have to ditch their ship to keep up with tech, or coming home to find their bases and world completely changed.

It’s all good though, some GREAT fiction coming out of peoples experiences with post 1.3 loss. Keep it coming guys :smiley:


Agreed. I feel the same… I only need now an A-class freighter so I can dismantle my home base and get nomadic again…

All ships have a value yes (even pre 1.3 ships) Exemple with a classic S fighter


That’s a relief…thank you for that…let’s just say that upset and angry wouldn’t have even begun to describe my state of mind if I found the update shafted all our owned ships again…and the gold bar indicated that there is a special class bonus applied on top, not just the number from the installed tech.

I think the “gold bar” come from the thechnology. here is another ship without the “impulse” tech inside

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Well either way it shows the intended class and ship type handling bonus IS there…that’s very good news…it means that for ONCE…for ONE time we are not getting shafted.

The very big difference i noticed is in how fast we can fly on planet. My fighter can now fly at 369 instead of 149 (with boost, 259 without)

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I’m sorry if this ends up sounding a bit rude but it’s SHIP HANDLING! It’s based around how maneuverable the ship is depending on which thrusters you’re using. It also based on they type of ship you’re flying; Hence if you’re flying a hauler the controls will be more stiff compared to an exotic/fighter class ship where they’re bee more lose as they have less mass.

I often wonder if people actually read the patch notes and/or play the experimental release before they make posts. If OP is on PS4 then I can see why they haven’t played it but they can still read the patch notes that would have answered their questions.

Seriously, if you feel the changes that Hello Games are making to the game are leaving you feeling “shafted” then it might just be time for you to put the game down and play something else for a while. As a developer they’re single-highhandedly making more changes / squashing bugs / implementing gameplay changes than any other developer, major developer or otherwise, then I’ve seen in over 20+ years of gaming.

Your attitude towards their hard work and dedication leave a LOT to be desired. I can only assume that your age is the reason behind this.

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None of what you just said was my concern at all. I am fine with different types of ships handling differently…that’s ok. A heavy hauler slower than a slim fighter…that makes sense. That’s not what I was worried about AT ALL. What I was worried about was was the fact that every time they made changes to ships in the past our already owned ships were cut out…when classes were introduced our ship never got an actual roll nor did it receive a pathetic proper C class bonus of 6% to 14% of something…it got nothing…it got 0%(same with freighter). When tech slots were introduced our S class ships did not receive S class tech slots…they did not ever receive proper C class tech slots…they got NOTHING. So now when they said they wanted to introduce handling what do you think I expected the handling of ALL my currently owned ships to be? That’s right…I expected it to be jack didly squat. Fortunately that was not the case but that’s what I expected to happen…I expected my slim fighter to have the handling of less than a super heavy hauler and so on. So I’m sorry if this comes across as rude but how about you READ the bloody post before commenting?

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You know, it’s a beautiful world…regardless of injustice, violation or simply things not wrong things we might just wish were different, is all and we can accept that, or can spew it out, if you want, of course. Short on time here for a few days but I’ll drop this in, anyway.

My experience hasn’t been like yours, is true. Here though, whether our connecting with fellow CSs out there in the verse turns out to be of mutually similar experience or not, my internal analysis visor is right now telling me that you are indeed displaying a rare level of minimalist-rude on planet Etarc!

bakes DarthTrethon pleasant-cake of five year digestion period

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When the 1.35 update arrived, it was obvious to me that ship handling was not just a numeric rating in the ship statistic log, but reflected in actual ship performance in flight. I have an old C class explorer from early in the Hilbert Dimension, and it seems ‘sluggish’ compared to my A class ships. My S class ships now seem much more ‘responsive’ and more easily controlled - a real pleasure to fly!

Very similar are the graphics improvements and exceptional texturing in the current version, to really appreciate them you have to take time to notice it - too busy with a thousand things to smell the roses?

On learning to detach oneself, yes is so important isn’t it and based upon various HB situs, had thought myself doing a grand job of handling letting go, starting anew…up until reading this your post and realising my remaining deep attachment to my beautiful-but-not-very-good C class year old ship…can still see me buying up a freighter just for the sole purpose of storing it on so that I can move on to faster and more accurate things…excited!


I have my early game C fighter…it’s the only non class S that I’ve got…and while I haven’t flown it the numerical handling value on it appears to be just as high as it is on my S fighter…around 420 or so…which is about the same as my S Explorer which is around 414…so I haven’t noticed a big enough difference there…if one feels sluggish I imagine it may have something to do with not having the pulse jet upgrades installed.

Yeah, I have all the pulse jet upgrades installed. Still seems less responsive than my new S-Class Exotic ships. I suppose it could be a matter of subjective experience. Have you tried taking your old C-Class ship out for a spin yet? Notice any difference in handling?