Expeditions 6 - Blighted

Expeditions Season 6 - Blighted

Expedition Six: Blighted will be commencing soon!

A distant galaxy has been terrorised by pirates known as The Blight – and the time has come for their secret to be revealed! Journey across the stars in search of a mysterious treasure in this brand new narrative-driven expedition .

Exclusive rewards for this expedition include the battle-worn Outlaw Cape , a friendly wayward cube for your base, a generous assortment of flags and outlaw-themed posters , a unique starship trail , and more!

Countdown Timer :link: JSFiddle



The Blighted expedition begins today, and will run for approximately five weeks


I had the starting time correct for the Countdown Timer. Updated the end time earlier today, so should be all good again to check the link above.


My starting planet



Interesting end! Was fun …


Interesting end indeed! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I don’t want to give anything away for those who have not finished. Just hoping this is headed where I think it is headed…

Think I will be keeping this save.


Final destination.

Things along the way.

Most useful flaw: Things in the new Starship Cargo have a magical property - they can be sold many times.


This was reported and fixed on Steam version…hopefully fixed on others soon.


For any just starting the exp, the first system contains a base that has plants you can harvest repeatedly. It is magical. One turn around the base to harvest, sell it all at the covienently placed trade terminal, and !pop!, the plants are ready to harvest again. I did this on my steam deck save until I had 5 mil. Very handy.


When we get ships through these Twitch Drop events, cant they be unlocked during the expedition? I‘m aware that the Anomaly is not in the menu until after the freighter acquisition battle because you need to buy recipes there, so you can’t get to the redeeming station there right away.
And later I did not see any ships available in the Twitch reward category, is that on purpose? I’ll have another look today in case it just hadn’t registered yet.

But there is one better A class ship in another menu that I could switch to early on… :stuck_out_tongue:


the horizon omega / alpha vector that you redeem through the game menu has a LOT of extra tech and cargo capacity …


The only unlockable ship is the Golden Vector. I have not managed to catch a Twitch stream. So if you are getting a ship, I imagine it is just a good ship as a reward for watching a stream. So far, the new ships I have encountered in the game, are mostly c-class.


I completed all the sections up to rendezvous 5. Then I thought I would take life easy for a while - build a base, make some money, build up my weapons and armour, and generally make my passage a little easier. And only then did I discover that I don’t have the plans for a base computer, and I can’t buy them.

I can’t build a base. 99% of the game’s functionality is locked out. What’s that about?


you get the base building recipe as part of the expedition


they are there. I redeemed 2 so i could scrap and sell them…was feeling lazy as was almost done expedition.


Did you claim all your mission rewards? Including the one for completeing them all?


I haven’t finished them all yet. I’ve completed all the objectives up to rendezvous 5, but I still have the final few to complete (including the encrypted ones).

In all honesty, though, if one of the encrypted rewards is a base computer - well, what’s the point? By that stage, the expedition is over. If I was going to build a base, establish some storage, do some mineral extraction and processing, make some money, and build up my character, I needed to do it long before that.


The reason will be given to you


All right, I finished.


  1. Why wasn’t I allowed to build a base?

  2. What did it have to do with pirates?

  3. What did it have to do with the Blight?

  4. Come to that, what is the Blight?

  5. Does anybody (I mean anybody) find being attacked every three minutes by unbeatable enemies enjoyable?


Hmmm…so first, last. The frequency of attack is a bug they are working out. I found the pirates only slightly more difficult but I am using a controller and holding down LB now locks me onto the target which can make it easier or more difficult…I ended up blasting a freighter once due to target lock locking onto a pirate on the other side of the Freighter…

  1. You can grab a freighter which serves as a base, in fact, I kept getting the base icon on my Freighter which I do not recall ever seeing before. I assume they did not want us to build a base until after the end, however, there are some bases throughout the route. People must have save edited themselves a BC.
    As for the rest of it, it is being discussed here Datamining (Maximum Spoilers) with the last dozen or so posts being relevant, I think everyone is still working it out… :thinking: