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Ooooookeeeey? Now I’m surprised games on the PS4 run as stable as they do…


I installed v1.76 patch from GOG and now the Community Event is completely gone from my game.


I still have it, but I didn’t reach my limit yet


I completed it yesterday. Was hoping that the patch would allow me to continue (without receiving more units).


The latest update from the Anomaly.
Does anyone know the price of the Pocket Reality Generator?


It costs 800 quicksilver.


I fired up my newest save (for the first time since I tested the startup tutorial) & the Community Event mission prompt came up imediately.

Of course my little character is utterly helpless with original inventory size & tech so getting the event completed will be a real challenge. I’ll let MrsMH get her contributions to the events completed first as her saves are much more established.


PC just passed Tier2!

PS4 will very soon, currently at 97%.


We’ve done our bit & put 4 saves (PS4) through the Community Event.
I don’t think I’m ever going to scan anything ever again :grin:


I have no idea how this is working now. Progress in the tiers appears to depend on a cumulative total achieved by all players.

Unfortunately, each individual player is limited in how much they can contribute. You can only add to the total as long as your own personal task remains active. Once you reach your personal limit, you get locked out.

When the task first launched, there were thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of players attempting to complete it - but the tiers only advanced very slowly.

Now we’re in a position where nearly all regular players have completed the task. We can’t add any more to the final total. And yet, suddenly, the tiers start romping ahead. Have HG imported achievements and players from Fortnite? As far as I can see, that’s the only way this sort of thing could happen.

Relax. I’m just indulging in a little humour. Clearly this task didn’t work out quite the way HG hoped it would, and now they’re massaging the figures so everybody wins. I like the fact that they tried something different, and, even more, I like the fact that having seen the idea didn’t work out, they’re now salvaging the situation. :grinning:


I figure they can work it into the story. Perhaps Travellers from other iterations are overlapping somehow and their data is being added to ours. It’s up to Nada and Polo to work their Anomaly magic. :sparkles:
In fact I wondered if that, or something like it, is what is referred to in the latest Release Log

Perhaps as another result of this aftershock, something has changed in how the Space Anomaly is receiving and processing data. The boundaries between realities are weaker than ever. The discoveries of all Traveller iterations now contribute to a cross-reality data pool, and universal progress will unlock additional items at the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot.


Nah, it could also be HG thinking “huh, I think we overestimated the player count”. Or a decimal error in the database. Or a problem that led to not all sent data being registered, and somebody having to do some Regex-magic to reconstruct failed requests from the server logs. Really, there’s a lot of technical issues that could explain such a behavior.


Latest Update from the Anomaly


This was earlier today when I first logged in. Received Tier 2 complete notification for PC!! With still 20% left to go! (When I took the screenshot)


Perhaps there are a lot of players with multiple saves. I have 4. I am currently trying to finish the 3rd one and get the 4th done before the time runs out.


I’ve started save number 5 for our household. Its a fledgling save but I figure I’ll try and get a few hours on it and see if it contributes.


I noticed a strange things about the pocket reality generator. It is located in the interior decoration group in the build menu, but I could only build it outdoors.

Could anyone else find a way to build it inside?


Before the lastest update , yes

I can’t now though

Apparently the fix for collision issues was to not let it be placed on anything built :frowning:


This seems to be a common occurrence with new items and updates. Still can’t place the oscillator anywhere, whereas on vanilla NEXT it could be placed with ease, several updates later it flip flopped between sorta placeable to extremely difficult to place unless approached from certain angles and right back to completely unplaceable.

Some of the new decals also had silly collision boxes and could block entry ways and corridors etc (this was fixed eventually I do believe) so here’s hoping this gets fixed soon.

No idea why the oscillator remains unfixed, it’s been months now and I’ve submitted many zen desk reports about it. I’m also convinced it’s slightly grown in size, I remember it being smaller in dimensions.


I believe that at least the Artemis decal is still bugged. I have two in my base that I regularly try to walk into to check.