Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


Finished last of our saves for community event.
There was still about 50% to go on tier 3 (PS4)


I measured yesterdays progress briefly to 2-3 % in 3 hours time (for a weekday progress estimation.)

Seeing that we had roughly 60 hours remaining for the mission at the time, that left us with approximately 50 percentage points that will be accrued in that time.

Hopefully the completion rate continues or accelerates. This will be a close one! :cold_sweat:


I haven’t played for over a week and was still on tier 1. I went in again today and I was about 5% from completion.

I’ve been flora scanning and sending it off and I finally got a message saying the community event is now complete, and it has now disappeared from my log.

But when I go to the space anomoly it tells me I still have 3.94% to unlock tier 3


It’s an event that everyone on your platform is contributing to, each player is capped on the amount they can turn in - you hit your cap


Ahh ok, cheers.


They are definitely tweaking numbers - 2 hours ago Xbox was at 40% tier 3, they are now at 81%. I don’t believe Xbox turned in 40% in that time frame


I just don’t understand.


Finally logging in after a long day at work. What a beautiful thing to come back to. Even has a nice background setting and everything. :slight_smile:

Just under 5 hours left now and Xbox is the last to obtain Tier 3 completion.


Xbox made it, though I think we had help from HG


I’m a bit confused now about the community event. I still had stuff left to buy a few weeks ago, but it said I was capped on the currency to buy it, and the community event disappeared.
It hasn’t popped up in weeks for me.

Is it completely over with? I’m on PS4


You can still go to the shop in the anomaly if you see it. But the event itself is over.


When you say you havent seen the community event missions in weeks, how do you mean? Are you talking about hitting the week 8 flora scan cap? Or do you mean you are missing a few weeks events like week 6 or week 7 etc?

If its the former then thats normal, once you hit cap in an event you’re done earning quicksilver until the next event starts. I took part in every community event and earned enough quicksilver to buy everything including five of each firework and still have a few thousand QS left over. If you missed a fw weeks due to not been logged in then you probably wont have enough QS to buy everything.

If its the latter and you havent seen a community event pop up for the last few events then it sounds like a bug maybe.

I just started playing on PC again over the weekend, first time since before atlas rises (primarily playing on PS4) and because I have missed all the events I can’t earn any quicksilver, but I can see the QSbot and all its wares, such a tease XD


If you powered up the PS4 & started NMS with your system offline, it seems the community event mission (when active) doesn’t appear.
It required the system to be online on power-up & while starting NMS.
After your chosen save was loaded then you could go offline & the mission would remain available but with the server-required-info missing.
Due to limited data availability at the time, I was switching back & forth between on & offline & discovered the above hiccup if starting up offline.
Not much use now but I’ll put it out there for future reference for other PS4 users.


Thanks for your replies :smiley: I can see the quicksilver bot, but there is no more quest to get quicksilver. I guess it’s over for me.
On my creative safe which I am playing now, I never got any of the emotes, or the helmets. I must have missed some of the community events. You’re right too about the last one where you scan flora. I scanned so much that I capped, and bought as much as I could from the QS bot. Then it told me I was topped out from buying anymore and poof, the community event was gone. So it’s my fault for not playing my creative mode, from the beginning of the community events.

I kind of liked the community events and the cute items you could get for your base, and other goodies. I hope they will have some more events in the future for quicksilver.
I’ll check to see if I’m on or offline. I had to turn offline a while back as I had over 10 people joining my game which was right after the visions update. I never invited them, they were just there.

Happy Traveling!


It is still possible to get quicksilver through the random bonuses that pop up when going through a teleporter (to and from space stations). I have seen my wife get 4 different allotments of 1500 quicksilver this way.


Seriously? That’s great. Not sure what random bonuses are though. What should I look for in my quest list? Thanks LordMarkov!


Its not in your mission list.

When going through the portal, random benefits will occasionally pop up. I saw new technologies, multitools and freighters for purchase in my game.

Like I mentioned before, these happen on a somewhat random and rare frequency. In my main day 1 game, I have only seen it once and it gave me the choice to purchase a new freighter. I was a bit envious of my wife’s luck at 4 quicksilver benefits (across different save files).


This is a bug I believe, while I haven’t experienced lovely bonuses like you guys have, it’s usually the last menu you were in that pops up. Due to my playstyle in my legacy save this is usually always the frigate mission screen and I have to back out of it before I can teleport.

Good to know this bug can be used to reprompt a quicksilver payment dialogue. That or we are talking about two completely different experiences. In which case I’ve yet to experience bonus loot and items from teleporting like you’ve mentioned.


Well this is what I have been rewarded with…a Locked Unlockable…however, I am also unable to connect to the Online Discovery Servers…

I might add that I never received any of the notices about Tiers being unlocked.


Now that the event is over, should we stock up on fireworks and throw a big party?