Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


has anyone actually fired one off?


Yip i did they pretty cool . Go on for quite a while.



I wonder how many will gather for New Year’s fireworks parties? Each platform should pick a location so all can gather for a fireworks display. I wonder if HG will throw a community event party?


In theory I can attend both :slight_smile: just need to get portal glyphs on my pc playthrough or piggy back via multiplayer lobby, New Year Evetarcia Celebrations ahoy!


New year in which timezone?? :smile:


24 hour Par-tay! :fireworks:



Blob in my base = Life Complete


They took my Big Balls = Life Changing


WooHoo! I finally get my pet that I have wanted for ages! Thank you HG! :sunglasses:


Pet? Please tell me more!

(I am stuck at work with no access to game sites.)


@lordmarkov We can now buy a terrarium with our quick silver and it comes with a little bouncy flawn(flaun?[edit:it’s flan, never had it, only seen it in American TV shows but they look like they’re made of it] ) creature. First step in maybe getting a managerie, fingers crossed :joy:

(another edit: apparently I have had it, crème brûlèe and brioche are also Flan 🤷🏼)


Tier 2 item
The terrarium is a small observatory unit designed to house a small alien specimen for study and companionship. Specimen is included with domicile. To avoid undesirable specimen-to-specimen interactions, a limit of one terrarium per base is recommended.


I translate that last part is, “to avoid undesirable drops in frame rate, we recommend one per base.”


Ha Ha! I already so much stuff around my base, plants, exotic items, etc…my frames drop horrendously…it is like entering a black hole…:scream:


Hooray new community events! Can’t wait to collect quicksilver and get the new rewards, and the rewards I didn’t get yet​:smile::smile:


Love the terrarium, and I would love a zoo or menagerie in the future :grin::grin:


I hope the event is working fine for others. It is not working for me at all. I never got notices during the last event about Tier completion and I am not receiving any notices from Polo this time. My online discovery connection has been stuck stating that it is connecting but never has made the connection. Not sure if this is a server issue, a Steam issue, an internet issue…:cry: I really want my little pet shroomy…:sob:


I took on one of the Community tasks available (Destruction) and completed the initial portion. Was directed to re-establish communication so I headed to space. Things seemed to go well and I was invited, I thought, to the QSbot. Headed towards the icon in space and then it disappeared. Landed back at my base, put a Pocket Reality Generator inside my base and checked my supplies. Found that the Exosuit (general) no longer contained my AtlasPass v1, v3, Signal Booster, Beacon, Save Point and seven substances. Other inventories were untouched.