Where are we going? Community Event 8 of 8 Speculation

In this calm before the storm, I thought it would be interesting to see everyone’s guesses as to where the community events are going and what we may see with event 8 of 8.


My thought is that this will lead to the remains of Polo’s friend and vehicle, which will play into what rewards there will be for quicksilver.

I think we will need to locate several portals after the first one that is given. I think there may be a different task with each portal mission.

Quicksilver Rewards:
I think we will see an entire exosuit, starship skin or possibly even a multitool skin. I think we will see another statue set. And there is always the possibility that the dragonfly exocraft may be available as a quicksilver item. The overall thought I had was that we may see a few high quicksilver items pop up at the end of the community missions.



My initial thought when The Abyss came out was that it may have been the intention of HG to end 8 of 8 with The Abyss update around halloween but because the weekly events had been delayed from the get-go it threw the whole thing off by two weeks(events). They could have just waited to release the abyss I guess but it wouldn’t coincide with halloween. I guess what i’m saying is that after careful thought and consideration of events transpired and what is currently going on I have conclusively arrived at the only conclusion I can. I’m utterly confused. Wait and see, that’s what i’m doing! :slight_smile:


We usually do get another experimental update prior to an upcoming new event. This time however, it has been completely silent with no updates released to the experimental branch. Not even an update on their own internal branch, which has been the case prior to The Abyss update. Something is clearly going on with the last event we expect to arrive soon.

I expect it to be special and not a postponed event due to delays along the way. I doubt it was actually meant to become available prior to The Abyss update. If that were the case, I would have expected some of the usual behaviour, with the event already been prepared and somewhat ready to be released. This means we would have already seen signs in the source files, with likely a release to experimental before becoming available to us all. Event Week 8 of 8 however, is nowhere to be found, not a single trace left in the source, which used to often be the case. This is actually quite similar to The Abyss update, although even for that major update, we did at least get some traces prior to its release.

This lack of info, makes me even more curious than usual. I expect it to continue the story it has been feeding us during the events thus far. More than likely it includes the new Abyss lore and content. This could also explain an additional delay, to give everyone a chance to catch up, considering the required progression to fully experience The Abyss.

I am hoping to receive more lore when it comes to the Anomaly in general and Nada/Polo specifically, explaining it’s/their origin some more. Maybe we will learn some more about the Abyss and the World of Glass, or the origins of creation, and destruction (Atlas). Nada and Polo created the Anomoly for likely a good reason, a clear relation with the Travellers. I would love to see it fleshed out some more.

Sure enough we can expect additional items/decals/emotes to become available in the Quicksilver store. To me the store is just bonus and not the most exciting part to look forward to.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with … we can only guess, but I expect a Grande Finale considering how quiet it has been.


I’ve a couple ideas rummaging around in my head, they mostly lean towards the weekly events tying in with the lore revealed through the Abyss.

I can’t settle on which it will turn out to be though . Is the friend they’re searching for somebody from the sunken wreck logs? The identifiabley human crew who even have names, just like a real life human would.

Or is it that poor soul who became entranced by a perfect pearl, wrought with despair upon finding it broken and imperfect, only to realise the pristine marble object never changed, it was their perception of everything around them that had. Perhaps they’re one and the same?

@DevilinPixy thanks for the help there with the line break spoiler tag kerfuffle :joy: was attempting to fix it with dripping wet thumbs on a very swervy bus and it just wasn’t happening as quickly as one would like :smirk:


You’re welcome, I was just about to mention it :wink:


Another week has gone by and I am even more curious.

I will add one more point to my speculation: the will likely be adding a way to get quicksilver in the regular game. However, I am not sure what activity would be different enough to warrant quicksilver instead of units or nanites. It may be as easy as just having quicksilver added as a reward for the space station missions. However, I think we will see something new and that may be part of the pause that we are observing now.


It’s been awhile since I’ve been on these forums but since there hasn’t been any news lately, I came back here to see if anyone knew anything. Looks like everyone is as clueless as I am.


I just hope we get our first type of boss bad guy or something. Or atleast a physical hint to one. It seems they are capable now to implement something like it.


I think/hope they will use event 8 to tease what the next big update will focus on. And since they likely just decided what that will be based on the survey they gave us, they are probably working to hammer out what this will look like before they give us any hints in the event.


That actually makes a whole lot of sence Mac. That seems very likely.