Future Update/Weekend Event/Content Speculation

This is purely speculation based on confirmed information, data mined information, development patterns, etc. Spoilers may follow:

So the weekend event has reached its 16th. And the final weekend event item(a jetpack flame color) is about to be unlocked soon. The quicksilver synthesis bot hasn’t put up any of the new base-building plants, or space-ship related cosmetic items(bobbleheads and flame trail colors) that was data mined to be purchasable.

Anyone else think that a future update is going to be related to spaceship customisation? My guess is that the U.I. will be like the suit customizer. Perhaps that’s the way to apply the new flame trails and bobbleheads.


Do you mean flame trails other than the three that are already available at the QS bot?


There’s a new antimatter trail that’s already unlocked. And then there’s a rainbow trail that won’t unlock until tier 2.


If you are referring to the jetpack flame trails, currently there are 4 colors unlocked with the last color in process of being unlocked. As for the rest of the flame trails, they are for changing ship flame trail colors. Data miners have found them but they currently don’t work and do not have an icon for the item. However, it is supposed to be a quicksilver item. It’s unclear how to install the new color. Whether by installing it in a slot or by an interface such as the suit appearance modifier interface.


You know what needs to be done.



There’s a lot more quicksilver items still to be revealed that they added recently. If you go to guide and look through the crafted items (I think that’s the group) there’s a bunch of new grayed-out plants like the other QS ones we can build at our base. I think there will be new items and weekly missions for quite a while longer.

I’m guessing the next big update will be in April, where the new egg stuff in the files can be an Easter related update.


Interesting. i hadn’t noticed that or thought of checking the item list menu. i will need to check that out myself when I get a chance. as far as I know, the icon for ship flame trails was the same for the ship statue/trophy base building part but that was just a placeholder icon. i wonder if they changed the greyed-out item icon to reflect the new item?

Also, Im not sure that the egg is easter related. It seems reasonable that they would have named it or colored it to reflect the holiday theme but it’s still a possibility. The NPC names are named after greek and roman gods so, sticking to that as the theme, they can introduce a character or enemy under the name aphrodite or ishtar that the eggs come from or whom we are to give them to? Its a possibility, however, the names seem to only be just names.


I did all the quicksilver missions on PS4 already. :tired_face: too bad I can’t do more to pump that number up. I guess we’ll see what new items there are very very soon though. If its base parts, then its possible that the ship parts is part of the next content update and they need more time to work on it. If it’s ship parts, then I feel its less likely that the next update will contain a ship customiser(at least paint, stickers, and flame trails).