Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


You have to progress through the Artemis questline to unlock it - needs to meet the anomaly


If the PC crowd ever fulfills Tier 1 will someone please post it here. I am busy with other things today. Thanks in advance!


Pc filled tier 1


It looks like PC players will have to ask Santa for their tier 3 Korvax helmet. Most of us have already completed the quest, and it’s only just topped tier 1.


maybe they’ll all laugh and gift us all the stuff at the end anyway? :persevere:


Thanks! Will jump in and do my part in a bit.
Hmmmmm…or not…'cause apparently I still can’t contribute any more…:sob: This is very worrisome.
@Polyphemus can take some measure of comfort in the fact that PS4 is struggling as well and XBox was at 95% Tier 2 last night and is only 5% into Tier 3 tonight so their momentum has begun to slow as well…maybe Polo will help us out. :smiley:


Each tier increases in amount needed


Xbox only moved 2% all night…PC up a little…
I wonder how many players are like my son and his friends. They have been playing exclusively in multiplayer and none of them have pursued the Artemis storyline. Base-building together is all they have done. As a result, they can not participate in the community event. They are working on the story now but, I am not sure they will get it done in time.


PS4: During the final event.
CommStations at the Portal.
For the Archives.


Word to the two or three people that changed their comm ball colour, respect.


Logging in on my PC and got this little pop up! Did it really take a week to get just the first Tier!? lol. I kinda wish there were concrete numbers so I can see how many scans I’ve contributed. I really want that new helmet! xD


Yup, it reached tier1 yesterday. Strangely, I didn’t get the notification about it. When I loaded the game, I had to travel to The Anomaly to check the progress. It showed tier1 complete and 0% on tier2. Oh well, just happy I could finally buy the new emotes!

There’s a limit on the number of scans you can submit. Once you reach it, the collective progress is now out of your hands. :confused:


I did not get that message either, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There was no message like that for PS4 either.

Although, I haven’t closed out of my game completely since the Visions update.


you what? :rofl:


The normal operation of the PS4 just pauses and suspends the application while you put the console in rest mode. I have not reloaded from the start screen in 5 days because of this.

Edit: 3 days. I took a day to do the week 8 event for my alternate account.


I got the notification when I started my game earlier today. Guess you gotta fully restart the application for it to show up.

You mentioned you have an alternate profile… give me an idea; everyone on ps4 will have to start several different files to complete the community event :slight_smile:


I did get it!


this just in… massive 25% increase in PC Tier 2 progress!


WooHoo! Nada and Polo are hacking the system! :grin: