Weekly Community Event Season One - General Discussion, tips and Feedback


I find it a bit weird that the scores are separate, is integration really required to do few sums and post the total to the 3 platforms? Wonder why they did it that way , hmmm.


XBOX and PS4 just gained another % point each…updating this post at intervals.


It’s not Sonys fault; Microsoft keeps cancelling all its exclusives so ps4 players have more distractions from the sim * playful kick of the console war hornets nest *


Out of curiosity, did X-Box One players get an additonal task with tier 2?


And how are they supposed to do that? Updating the number by hand in all different platforms servers/databases every hour or so?
No, if you want to synchronise data in a server cluster, you need a distributed messaging system running in the belly, or you’ll have more race conditions, deadlocks and inconsistent data than you can shake a stick at. Yes, even for just a single number. For the concept of managed synchronisation, the amount of data does not matter. The code complexity remains the same (the operational complexity varies quite a lot depending on the data, of course, but that just affects how strong a machine you have to put under it, not how complex your code is).
Now, depending on what they have built their servers on, putting a messaging service in there can range from “Gimme two, three days to google a lot and try some things out” to “do you know anybody with a doctorate in server engineering that is looking for a full-time job?”. And knowing HGs approach to their programming in general, it is quite imaginable that they are running some low-level concoction of a server that only talks raw TCP and doesn’t have the vast feature set of advanced frameworks like .NET or Spring or anything comparable.


Umm no thats not what I was suggesting. I’m no expert but what if the person in your analogy was a script of some type?


Imagine how that script would work: It would pull the current status from all platform servers, put them together, and then post them back, right?
What happens if the state on one (or several) of the servers changed while the script was doing its thing? Should it just commit the changes, overwriting any progress that was made in the meantime?


Interesting…I have been watching the % in the Galactic Atlas…2 of them just dropped!

Now this

While XBox remained the same…


No new messages on the Xbox for passing tier one


No new tasks :frowning:


Now Xbox1 is at Tier 2 -90%
PS4 dropped again in the Tier 1 rank to 83% (was back up to 84%)
PC stuck at Tier 1 - 63%


Tier 1 = 92%
9d 14hr 47m 0s
… and counting


There was an update today for experimental. It stated that the Comm Event was displaying the incorrect info in the Log
Fixed an issue that could cause Community Mission Tier progress to be incorrectly reported in the Log.

So I wonder if that problem was just on PC or on consoles as well? The Galactic Atlas is still updating and has done some strange things all day with some %'s dropping.
XBox Tier 2 - 95%
PS4 Tier 1 - 93%
PC Tier 1 - 70%


The requirements for each platform are different, that’s why the disparity in tier progress. Pc needs a lot more than Xbox.
By the numbers, Xbox has submitted the least amount



just replace with the platform, PC, PS4, XB1


I’m currently doing the Event (Save 2) and have noticed there is an inconsistency in the %.
It says its up to tier 2 but lists at 92% ??? :thinking:

It also keeps jumping up and down % completed.
I haven’t yet been to the quicksilver bot to see if the unlockables are actually open yet…
Edit: no it is not unlocked yet.
Currently 93%


Good grief, XBox is on Tier 3…PC and PS4 still Tier 1…:roll_eyes:


Yeah, I’d say they didn’t quite iron out all the issues with this system yet… :smile:


Just finished on my newer game.
Netted 10,500Qs.
Was at 96% on PS4 with 9d3hr10m remaining.


I was a bit wrong with the message for new tiers - you do get a pop up for tier completion


Has the event closed to newcomers? My son jumped in last night, on a New Save, and he still has not received a message from Polo with the Portal info.